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Exploring The World Of Pigeons

Pigeons are birds that are present throughout the world in a variety of different settings and environments. While pigeons can play an important role in an ecosystem, they are most often viewed by humans as nuisance birds. Although pigeons are relatively harmless, they can transmit various diseases to humans, creating a health risk. They are also a frequent cause for homeowners to request bird control services from professionals like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife. Keep reading to get to know these birds in more detail.


There is a number of different ways one can approach pigeon control but they usually involve taking a  closer look at the following factors:

  • Habitats
  • Diet
  • Predators

Groups of pigeons can produce harmful levels of droppings that can permanently stain buildings and houses


When it comes to the natural habitat of pigeons, they are typically found living near rocky cliffs. In order to make it difficult for predators to reach them or their eggs, pigeons will build their nests high on the cliffs in such environments. They will also readily take advantage of any openings in the cliffs, such as caves, to settle and seek shelter in as well.

It is also very common to see pigeons in cities across the globe as they have adapted well to living in urban environments. When looking for locations that offer them a similar feel to that of their natural habitat, pigeons will often use man-made structures like skyscrapers, ledges and balconies in urban settings or barns in rural areas to make their nests. Since pigeons are unable to withstand extreme temperatures, cities also offer pigeons safety from the elements.

Pigeon wire is one of many products designed to prevent pigeons from roosting on ledges


Pigeons are able to make changes that make it easier for them to live in a particular place, with a great ability to adapt to a variety of different settings. This is most obvious when it comes to their diet. Pigeons can easily adjust their diet to whatever environment they are in, even though their primary food source are seeds. If they live in a more rural area, they will usually search for insects or fruits like berries to incorporate into their diet. They also rely on food dropped on the ground or thrown in the trash if they’re living in city conditions.


The pigeon is not an animal that is completely spared from danger, even though countless pigeons make their home in cities that don’t have many animals that can prey on them. This one reason why pigeon populations seem to grow year after year. The peregrine falcon is one of the main predators of the pigeon and is also commonly found throughout major cities. The peregrine falcon is a large and powerful bird that also uses buildings as a place to make its nest. Pigeons are a falcon’s ideal prey because they are much slower, making them easy to catch.

Pigeons will nest inside attics if they are bale to find openings


Pigeons can not only be nuisance birds, but also represent a very real health hazard. This is one of the main reasons why residential, commercial and industrial property owners often seek out professional bird control services. If this is the case with your property, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. Skedaddle has been at the forefront of humane bird and wildlife control methods for nearly three decades, successfully helping thousands of homeowners to date. Call Skedaddle today and get rid of those pesky pigeons from your property.

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