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Fall Activities for Brown Bats in Whitby

Bats don’t have many fans around the world, but love them or hate them, Whitby residents have to deal with bats year round. There are eighteen indigenous species of bats in Canada and many of them call Whitby home, making effective bat control a major concern, especially  in the winter.

Whitby residents will see two bats more commonly than others – the little brown bat and the big brown bat. This is because both bats are known to frequent homes. But these bats, like others of their kind, are typically less active during the winter as they enter hibernation. They often invade attics and garages especially if these spaces maintain a warmer temperature, providing the perfect environment for bats to reduce their metabolic processes for hibernation without freezing.

Bats often get lost in many structures as they are blind.

How the Little Brown Bat Behaves in Winter

Just before winter, the little brown bat leaves its place in homes and flies to communal hibernating spaces such as caves and abandoned mines. This means that you will not usually see these bats on your premises in the winter. But be prepared for their return as temperatures return to normal.

How the Big Brown Bat Behaves in Winter

The big brown bat on the other hand, remains in homes throughout the year. They usually set out for these domestic hibernation spaces in fall as the temperatures fall and fewer insects are around for them to eat at night. They do not fly far to seek hibernation spaces as they must conserve their fat reserves for the winter.

Why You Shouldn’t Attempt DIY Bat Control

Since the big brown bat often remains in homes, sealing entrance areas or closing off vacant crevices and cavities in the home may not be a good move. You may end up closing in living bats, especially if you don’t have the intimate knowledge of the species that will allow you to determine when the space is completely bat free. Additionally, without the input of experts, you are likely to have a repeat bat infestation shortly after you have removed them. And if that isn’t bad enough, bats expose you and your loved one to numerous diseases such as rabies, and many times the exposure is made worse by DIY or amateur removal tactics. These are just three of the many reasons expert intervention is needed for Whitby’s bat control needs.

Bats will fly directly to another den site if evicted from another one.

Dealing with Bats Professionally

Once bats have established a hibernating space in your home it will be difficult to remove them. In fact, usually, when you see one bat in your home there are more hiding somewhere else. Bat exclusion before the invasion is the ideal way to keep your Whitby home bat free this and every winter.

The best bat control Whitby residents can find will be one that takes into account, the biological characteristics of bats as well as the uniqueness of Whitby’s natural and man-made environment. At Skedaddle, we recommend bat exclusion (which is a part of our prevent and protect services) before an infestation occurs. Our bat exclusion services include identifying and sealing all the points of entry that facilitate infestation and installing devices that prevent bats entering your home. If you have an infestation we can also help. Our humane removal strategies ensure that all bats leave your home with minimal risk to you and the animals.

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