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Fall Means Mice May Visit your Milwaukee Home

They scurry about unseen, devouring everything in sight. And, as if that weren’t bad enough, they leave their urine and droppings all over, exposing the residents of the home to numerous bacteria and diseases. Yes, we’re talking about mice. They are the rodents behind the need for mice control services in Milwaukee homes.

How and Why Mice Access Your Home

Mice head for your home during the fall after giving you a break in the summer. This is because they sense the arrival of colder temperatures and know that this means a scarcity of food.  They will use any means necessary to get inside as their survival instincts kick in. Unbeknownst to many homeowners, mice enter through the roof just as easily as they would enter through the foundation of a house. The little critters are able to climb some walls and they have a knack for finding all the little cracks that will gain them entry to the home. Considering that a mouse can fit into a space as small as a dime, it isn’t hard to imagine how easily they get into some buildings. In fact, it is not uncommon to see mice squeezing their bodies between bricks.

Door frames are a common entry point for mice.

Mice Infestations Spread Like Wildfire

Mice reproduce rapidly. A female mouse can birth between 6-10 litter’s annually and each litter can comprise up to eight offspring. This means that after arrival in your home, a single mouse can spawn another 80 within the course of just one year. When you see one mouse scurrying about your home you can be certain that there are others as well. In addition to actually spotting a mouse or two, you’ll know you have a mice infestation when you hear the scurrying sounds in the walls or ceiling. This scurrying activity will happen mostly at night as this is when the rodents are most active. You may also see droppings or smell mice urine.

The Expert Solution

Have you been dealing with a mice infestation? Chances are you’ve tried using traps and poison. If you give it some time you’ll realize that these alone simply won’t work and your infestation situation will only continue or worsen, causing you frustration.

Soffits are a known entry point for mice.

Expert assistance is critical if you want to get a mice infestation resolved quickly and thoroughly. No one knows this better than the team at Skedaddle. Our expert and humane animal control team offers thorough and safe removal of mice from your property. We stand ready to rid you of your mice problem by thoroughly assessing the conditions and then preparing and implementing an effective removal and exclusion plan.

If you do not yet have a mice infestation, no doubt you want to prevent such a nightmare from occurring. Skedaddle also has a solution for you. We ensure that your home remains a mice free zone by evaluating the environment and physical structure and crafting an exclusion plan. Evict unwanted rodent families from your home today with Skedaddle’s mice control services for Milwaukee homes.

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About the author:Marcus is the owner and operator of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control – Milwaukee. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Marcus combines the academic training (M.S. Wildlife Biology, UW Madison) with the field training and skills to be successful in resolving wildlife conflict for home and business owners.

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