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Fast Facts About Mice Removal in Sudbury

When it comes to your home, the only living things you want to see living inside are you and your family. Unfortunately, wildlife creatures tend to like your home as well and will take up residency without you knowing until an infestation occurs. An example of this is a mice infestation. The tiny creature can easily gain access to your home, enjoy dining on food crumbs and calling the walls or attic space their own. The mice can go for weeks or months living in your home without being noticed. Once you realize that the mice are living in your home, wildlife services are needed for quick and swift removal.

A mouse entry point into a house where two walls meet below siding.

What Attracts Mice to Your Home?

Most people think that mice only enter dirty homes, but this is not true. Mice are attracted to homes for many different reasons from a food source to comfort. When crumbs or food are left out overnight, mice can sense the food source and will enter the home to eat. When a food source continues to be presented, the mice will claim your home as their own. Mice will also visit cabinets or pantries and chew into boxes or packages of food, which can lead to a mess and loss of food in the home.

Weep vents are designed to allow brick walls to breathe, but they can also allow mice into the home. This weep vent is filled with mouse droppings.

Mice are also attracted to warmth and nesting areas can easily be created in the attic or walls of your home. Mice will use insulation or other materials to create a nest and make a nice home for their family.

Health Issues in the Home

When mice are present in the home, they pose a health risk to you and your family. Mice are dirty animals that leave behind droppings and can be carrying disease such as hantavirus, ringworm, tapeworm or rat bite fever mites. Mice need to be removed to eliminate the risk of such disease as well as have any contaminated areas removed. This may include insulation, raw materials or construction components of the home.

Wildlife Removal

Once you have spotted mice in your home, it’s time to contact wildlife removal services. Mice removal services in Sudbury will see a technician arrive at your home and assess the situation. Entry and exit points will be located and a plan of action created to remove the mice from the home. Humane efforts should be used to take the mice from your home and relocate to another area. Once the mice are removed, preventative measures should be taken to see that mice are not able to enter the home again. This can include closing off entry points with screening or other materials.

At Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, we provide quality mice removal services with humane methods of removal and preventative maintenance. Your home will be free of mice and measures will be taken to ensure that a mouse infestation does not happen again. When you find mice have taken over your home, contact our office immediately for an assessment and plan for removal. We look forward to assisting you with your mice removal needs. Contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control today.

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