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Four Ways to Keep Mice out this fall

When the cooler weather starts to eat away at summer all of Grimsby’s mice charge towards unsuspecting resident’s homes. They’re looking for a reliable food source, protection from winter and a place to breed. It’s important to be prepared for the autumn march of rodents. These are four tips in preventing mice from getting into the most private corners of your home.

1. Seal any holes.

Early detection of any holes, cracks or gaps mice could creep through prevents the problem from even starting. Mice can fit through spaces much smaller than you think. As we head into the fall it’s a good idea to look around your property for these circumstances. The sooner these holes are found the less likely you are to have colonies of rodents developing in your walls, attic or basement.


Mice use weep holes between bricks to enter houses

2. Bring in a deterrent.

The great rivalry. Cats versus mice. The presence of a predator can scare a lot of mice away. This might be an option if you don’t mind accumulating another pet. Also, there are natural mouse repellents such as mint and bay leaves. Growing mints plants around the outside of your house will repel rodents. It’s a good idea to sprinkle mint scented oils around too. Tucking bay leaves in your pantry and cabinets can help protect your food from being pillaged by mice.

3. Remove food sources.

Mice love when food is easy to find. It’s what attracts them to your property. Fallen bird feed, nuts and seeds from trees, and spilled garbage are all things that can fuel a mouse’s appetite. They like to find shelter close to a reliable food source. Keeping your property tidy and removing that supply could reduce mouse activity.


Bird seed that falls to the ground attracts mice to the property

4. Clean your house.

The dark dingy corners of your basement or attic are like heaven to mice. They hide in clutter, especially old cookware, clothes, magazines and cardboard boxes, anything that could make for great nesting material. Wiping cabinets, mopping floors and vacuuming carpets also help in maintaining a mouse free home. The smallest smell of loose food could attract rodents to do whatever it takes to get into the most seemingly inaccessible places.

Even if you tried all the above you could still end up with mice. At this stage it’s time to call a professional wildlife control service.

If it’s too late and you’ve discovered evidence of mice don’t trap them yourself. You might catch one or two. However, there will always be more and solving the problem long-term is about identifying how mice got into your home in the first place.

For Grimsby mouse removal contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. They have expert eyes that can find even the smallest point of entry for rodents.

Don’t let mice infest your home this fall. Call Skedaddle today at 1-888-592-0387.

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