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Canada Takes Getting Rid of Mice to the Next Level, Declares War Against the Vermin

Canada Takes Getting Rid of Mice to the Next Level, Declares War Against the VerminGetting rid of mice and other rodents is a serious undertaking, but never more so than in the archipelago of Haida Gwaii or Queen Charlotte Island in Canada. Naturalists on the archipelago have declared an all-out war on the rats that have already made a negative ecological impact. The road to victory seems long; but Laurie Wein, project manager at Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, remains determined to succeed, because doing so will mean saving several endangered wildlife species.

Gwaii Haanas in British Columbia, known as the Galapagos of the North, takes pride in the biodiversity of its flora and fauna. Now its priceless treasures are facing serious risks as rats, which were inadvertently introduced by man three decades ago, have become more aggressive and are proliferating, as they face no competition in their ecological niche. Nesting seabirds are mostly at risk, as these pests easily ravage their eggs and chicks.

In order to protect these avian treasures, scientists have decided to take drastic measures in rodent control. In two years, Wein and her group have already succeeded in exterminating rats in two of the islands. This year, they decided to go further and completely eradicate the rodents in another island.

In preparation for this undertaking, Wein and her group have already conducted a series of studies focused on the three smaller islands in which they will be working. They also conducted trials wherein instead of resorting to rodenticide, they set out to bait and then trap the creatures alive.

The result of the war on invasive rodents is yet to be seen; in the meantime, the ongoing battle should serve as an inspiration to others who are waging their own war against such vermin. Many exterminators advise homeowners to start working on rats and mice removal from their home and yard areas the moment these pests are detected. Ignoring the problem could cause an all-out infestation: an extreme case of this happened in Winnipeg, where a mansion was infested within the span of a single day.

While it might seem far-fetched, cases like these are quite possible. Rodents have the ability to destroy your house from within, without you being aware of it. A female rat is capable of discreetly producing six litters in a year, with the progeny reproducing even further, as sexual maturity is reached in mere weeks. They thrive, even while hidden, because they can eat just about anything to survive, according to James Hare, a biologist who gave his opinion on the rat infestation case at the Winnipeg mansion.

Given all these, it is wise to take preventive measures; and not wait until your home is destroyed by these rodents. Getting in touch with experts who could help would not hurt. At the first sign of rats, contact an expert in humane wildlife control like Skedaddle.

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