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Getting Rid of Rodents in Canada: The Fight Against Rats and Mice Continues to Concern Homeowners

Industry News
In the 1950s, an aggressive rat control program was implemented in Alberta, eventually leading to the province’s “rat-free” status for several years. But that soon ended when a colony of brown rats was discovered in a landfill in Medicine Hat City, puncturing Alberta’s celebrated claim of being rat-free. Due to the rarity and seriousness of the infestation, town officials are doing everything they can to keep things under control; while homeowners keep their guards up.

Importance of Rodent Control

If left unchecked, a pair of reproducing rats can theoretically produce as many as 2,000 descendants in a single year. Other than the abomination of damaging buildings and terrifying some residents, these critters also carry dangerous pathogens and parasites that can cause serious illnesses to humans. Whether the effort is citywide or confined to your property, getting rid of rodents at home or in your community is a task you should never put off.

Signs of Rodent Infestation

When you call in leading pest control specialists, they begin their work by checking your home for signs of infestation. Signs that you may have a rat problem include chewed areas around utility lines and fresh droppings scattered near walls or behind furniture. If the problem is more serious, you might actually hear scratching noises at night, or even the obvious squeaking and scurrying sounds from within walls. or up in the attic.

Methods of Extermination

To eradicate the colony of rats in Medicine Hat’s landfill, poisoned water and food have been set up within designated zones. Bull Snakes, which are known predator of rats, were brought in as a reserve measure in the event that the rats become too smart to fall for the poisoned baits. These days, however, a number of pest control professionals in Canada, such as Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, are opting to utilize poison-free techniques for humane and environmental concerns.

Prevention and Protection

If you want to get rid of a mouse in wall spaces or rats in the attic, you have to take preventive measures just as seriously. Similar to Alberta’s quick and aggressive rat eradication program, which is maintained by rat inspectors and an 11-person rat patrol group, you should be vigilant and diligent in keeping your home clean and clutter-free to clear your spaces of all kinds of harmful vermin.

With proper waste disposal, regular inspection of your home’s nooks and crannies, and a contracted team of pest control experts to seal and deodorize entry points, rodents will find no hospitable areas in your home to thrive in, much less, any dank corners in which to nestle their young. Though serious rodent infestations are quite rare in Canada, officials continue to urge everyone to be on alert. As the news article had warned, “complacency is the rat’s greatest ally.”

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