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Wildlife at night

How You Can Help Scientists Track Wildlife


Scientists around the world are trying to keep tabs on the wildlife population and they want you to help! They need to keep accurate records of the numbers and habits of wildlife species in Milwaukee. This information helps them to better protect nature’s precious gifts to mankind. The desire to collaborate with the public was a focal point of discussions at the North American Congress for Conservation Biology which was held in July of 2018. Undoubtedly, this is an approach that if adopted, could lead to an increase in the use of effective and efficient humane wildlife removal services to solve wildlife intrusion situations around the world.

But they face a challenge in collecting the information. Much of wildlife activity takes place on private property and in hard to reach places. And researchers have limited resources which restricts their ability to cover the wide expanse of ground used by wildlife animals. They are also limited by the lack of access to private properties that are occupied or frequented by wildlife animals. This is where regular citizens come into the picture.

Local Efforts

Like researchers around the world, Milwaukee’s researchers are encouraging residents of their region to come on board. You can play your part in equipping scientists with the information they need to be able to protect wildlife species. All you need to do is install a trail camera on your property and assist in processing the data. This includes eliminating captures that include human beings and then classifying the wildlife seen in the images. The pictures are then to be uploaded to a database. Marcus Mueller, Owner/Operator of Skedaddle Milwaukee location explains, “Trail cameras can be a huge help for monitoring the status of our removals. For instance, they could be used to show that a mother raccoon successfully left a house and tended to her babies in our baby box. They could also be used on tricky follow ups where individuals are being particularly sneaky about how they are entering homes.”

By joining the effort, you are playing a key role in helping millions of wildlife animals to survive. Efforts like these help to make more people aware of the unique beauty and value of wildlife animals. This results in more humane efforts to evict and bar them from residential and commercial properties. Those who join the effort are more likely to develop better understanding of wildlife behavior and as a result, know when to approach or avoid animals in order to protect themselves and the animals as well.

For many Milwaukee homeowners, joining the effort is not difficult at all. They already have security cameras installed on their premises.  These cameras are already at work capturing the activities of wildlife intruders (although this likely wasn’t the intent of the property owners).  These cameras frequently capture the attempts of mice, squirrels, and raccoons to get on to premises and into buildings. “Many homeowners around Milwaukee are choosing to install security cameras around their home. These cameras have caught some interesting footage of a different kind of intruder than perhaps the ones they were intended to capture. We have different homeowners who capture footage of mice, squirrels, and raccoons trying to enter various areas of the home.” Marcus Mueller.

Experts At Work Securing Your Milwaukee Premises

Skedaddle’s wildlife removal and control strategies are both effective and humane. Our services are backed by extensive research into wildlife behavior along with years of experience in the field.  A combination of safe strategies such as the installation of exclusion fences are used to ensure that wildlife animals do not enter your space. Removal is gentle and guided by the technician’s expert knowledge of animal behavior. The preferred Skedaddle way is to coerce the animal to leave the space. Failing that, gentle manual removal is done. Where there are babies involved, your Skedaddle technician will take the non-aggressive approach of replicating the nest in a specially designed baby box, and placing the baby box outside an access point to allow for reunion of mother and baby.

Additionally, Skedaddle’s wildlife removal services are followed up by a thorough inspection to ensure that no animals are left in the space. This prevents the devastating unintentional trapping that sometimes occurs when untrained persons seal exit and entrance points of a building with animals still inside.

If you have trail cameras set up on and around your property, this will be a huge help for your Skedaddle technician. One example of how this can help is it will allow the technicians to confirm the departure of mother animals when footage is captured showing reunion with babies in the baby box installed by the technician. They also help to reveal the tricky and sneaky methods that wildlife animals are using to enter the building allowing for more pointed corrective measures to be applied.

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About the author:Marcus is the owner and operator of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control – Milwaukee. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Marcus combines the academic training (M.S. Wildlife Biology, UW Madison) with the field training and skills to be successful in resolving wildlife conflict for home and business owners.

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