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How Your Summer Garden Encourages Mice to Stay

As the summer approaches, your garden is flourishing into a pleasant place to relax and unwind at the end of the day. As all the flora comes to life, so do the rodents. Soon after you start noticing the flowers blooming, you may see mice scurrying about. Mice aren’t welcome guests in your home or your garden for numerous reasons, but understanding why they will find your garden enticing is a major step in keeping them from entering in the first place. We’re here to help explain what is bringing the mice onto your property and how we can help with prevention.

Why Summer Gardens Draw Mice and Why You Want to Stop It

There are numerous reasons why mice get drawn into freshly bloomed gardens. Fallen leaves and overgrown grass provide hiding spots, allowing the mice to easily move around without being noticed. Add to that the numerous sources of food that the garden produces, it’s easy to understand why a mouse will find your garden appealing.  Mice will invade neglected gardens, as well as those that store sources of food like garages and basements. If you haven’t been tidying after winter, there is probably plenty of leftover mess that draws mice. Garbage cans, that often end up forgotten for long periods of time also spread the smell of rotten food, which mice can sense from a long distance.

Mice will exploit weak spots in the structure of your property to gain access. They’ll chew through rotting or weak wood in fences once they smell the organic matter coming from the garden. They’ll hide inside the overgrown bushes and grass, gradually making their way across the garden and close to your home.

Once mice get into your garden, the infestation will soon follow. When given the right conditions to live in, mice will overpopulate the garden very quickly. Expert mice control approach is the only true way to get rid of mice and prevent them from coming back. Experts will use well-researched, educated techniques and methods that will drive the mice away and prevent them from coming back. Some of these methods include:

  • Inspecting possible mice entry points.
  • Clearing out piles of leaves and trash that might draw mice and remove the sources of standing water.
  • Humanely removing the mice by installing one-way doors.
  • Suggesting repairs and any adjustments of the landscape, such as trimming, lighting, fencing, and screening to keep the mice away.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the areas of severe contamination to prevent spreading disease.

Mice are not often found during the day as they do most of their hunting at night.

Need Help With  Getting Rid of Mice? Rely on Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control

While common preventive steps against mice are recommended to do on your own, getting rid of mice is not. Mice removal is best done by professionals. If you notice mice feces or mice themselves in your garden, Skedaddle will make sure they’re gone in no time. Our technicians will use safe and humane methods to clear your home of pests and suggest repairs and installations preventing them from coming back.

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