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How Raccoons Get Into Your Attic

Damaged Roof Vents make easy access for raccoons

Raccoons easily lifted the vent covers on this roof to access the attic

This video was shot by one of our technicians while performing a raccoon removal from an attic in Brampton. As part of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control’s proven removal and exclusion process, we are always sure to inspect your attic. In this case, our technician was inspecting for damage and discovered two adult raccoons in the same den. While one of the intruders quickly slipped away into another part of the attic, the raccoon in the video made a hasty escape through its usual entry point.

This being the end of January, a pair of adult raccoons sharing an attic can only mean one thing – it’s mating season. Raccoons, depending on climate, begin mating in late January and continue to do so through March. Once mating has taken place, a litter of between three and seven babies can be expected 63 days later. Warm cozy attics make ideal love nests for amorous raccoons.

At this home, the unwanted guests had been coming and going through a hole cut in the roof to allow for proper air circulation inside the attic. Once the hole is cut through the roof, a plastic or aluminum vent cover is installed over top to keep out rain and snow. Clever raccoons know that once they get past the vent cover a perfect den site awaits them inside.

This homeowner did the right thing by seeking professional pest control service before the babies were born. Acting quickly is one of the most important steps to successful wildlife control. Allowing raccoons to settle in will not only make their eventual removal more difficult, it can also lead to costly home damage.

If you think that your attic has turned into the neighbourhood love shack, be sure to give Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control a call at 1.877.222.9453.

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