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How Skedaddle Wildlife Will Effectively Remove Mice From Your Office

Your work environment should be both safe and comfortable and to meet this standard it must be rodent free. Unfortunately, mice do sometimes find their way into commercial buildings. A workplace that has mice will make workers and clients feel uncomfortable while also exposing them to health risks. Expert wild animal control teams can help businesses nip a mice problem in the bud, setting them on the path to a comfortable and more productive work environment.

Signs of Mice Infestation at work

You may not see or hear mice scurrying about in your office until you put in some overtime or pull an all-nighter but that doesn’t mean they are not around. Droppings may be seen around the office (mostly in the kitchen and along the walls that the mice traverse) and this is one telltale sign of infestation. Another indication of mice in the workplace is gnawed papers, machinery or building materials.

As with residential buildings, commercial buildings attract mice when they are accessible and have food inside (and bear in mind that it is normal for workspaces to also have kitchens or lunch areas).  The office pantry is one of the favorite foraging sites for mice as they chew into food packages and take away what they can. Additionally, sometimes people who use the workspace may leave food waste behind and this also attracts mice.

Why Mice are Bad for the Office

Mice are particularly troublesome in the office space because of the extensive damage they can cause. They chew on softer building parts and wires leaving the office unsightly and dangerous as exposed wires can lead to fires. They also pose a health risk for those who use the space, as a number of diseases such as leptospirosis are associated with the rodents. Workers and clients may be disconcerted by the thought of rodents being in the space, or worse, they may contract illnesses and this can be quite costly for the business. If a mice infestation is allowed to continue, the business could be looking at extensive costs to repair.

Keeping Mice Out of the Office

The workplace can remain rodent free if access points are eliminated. The best way to do this is to frequently inspect the building to repair cracks and holes that mice can slip through. Another strategy is to reduce or eliminate the accumulation of food-related waste. Some workers in the space may habitually or inadvertently drop bits of food around and this attracts mice. Hosting training sessions focusing on the link between these actions and mice infestation may help to change the habits and reduce the likelihood of rodents entering the space.

Skedaddle, the Answer to Your Office’s Mice Problems

If your office has a mice problem, let Skedaddles Wildlife Technicians help restore the space to its rodent free state. Our team will inspect the space thoroughly to determine whether there is indeed a rat problem and to determine its extent. Then we will get to work using humane removal strategies that result in a rodent-free building.

Once removal is complete, the technicians will recommend a clear and clean service in which we remove the physical evidence rodents leave behind (such as nesting material, droppings, urine and food particles) and sanitize the area to remove the health risks.

Skedaddle helps to keep mice away from commercial properties by addressing cracks and holes through which the rodents could travel to get inside. Skedaddle’s wild animal control service is by far the best option for mice problems in the workplace.

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