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Hunting for Treasure; How Squirrels Find their Buried Nuts

Squirrels usually spend the whole autumn stashing nuts away for winter in order to make sure they will have enough food for such a long period of time. It may easily happen that they are storing nuts on your property. If they are seeking shelter in your home, the best solution for you would be expert squirrel removal. Squirrels like most animals are creatures of habit, which means knowing more about their behaviours can help prevent problems in the future.

Something interesting and quite a mystery is how the squirrels find all the nuts they worked so hard to store? Do they memorize the spot, do they have a great sense of smell or is it something else? If you would like to find the answers to these questions, just read on.

Why do squirrels bury nuts?

Squirrels cannot find enough food every day during winter time. If they would not make appropriate preparations before the cold days arrive, chances are they would starve to death. So, in order to prevent this from happening, squirrels stash nuts to help them survive the winter. Of course, they do not keep everything they come across. They select the right nuts- if they are not in good condition or not nutritious, they throw them away. Squirrels can easily recognize ripe nuts by using their sense of smell.

Check out the mess left behind by this squirrel, in a car.

How do squirrels bury their nuts?

Autumn is the time of the year when squirrels find food in abundance. Since they have plenty of spare time, they collect nuts one at a time in their mouth. They dig out a hole in the soft soil- the hole is quite deep, but it usually depends upon the size of the nut. After that, squirrels grab the nut, put it in the hole and start putting the soil back. At the end, when the hole is filled, a squirrel pats down the soil and places a few leaves over the spot.

In which way do squirrels find the buried nuts?

Squirrels are intelligent and quite resourceful when it comes to finding the nuts they have buried. This means that this is not a random activity to them. Namely, they choose a particular place which they remember afterward, such as the area under a big oak. It is possible for several squirrels to use the same patch- this only increases the probability of them finding other nuts by chance – those that have not been buried by themselves. In addition to this, squirrels can also use a multi-sense inspection. When they return on the spot after several weeks, they usually peer at the ground and look for disturbed soil- they sniff in order to detect a nutty smell. If it happens that they miss any nut, it will be of great help to future generations.

This may seem cute, but avoid feeding them

In case you notice a squirrel in your yard, do not feed them. Although they are tiny and cute, they can be quite destructive. If they move in your home, you can expect them to scratch walls and chew through and at everything, they come across. In addition to this, they multiply quickly, which means that you will have a whole family (or, even, families) of squirrels in your home. Also, avoid dealing with them on your own.

Whom to contact when having a squirrel problem?

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control should be on the top of the list when choosing a company for professional squirrel removal. They are highly reliable and experienced, which means that your property, just as the animal, will be well taken care of. You can put your trust in them because their methods and techniques are not invasive. This means that wildlife will not be hurt or killed during the removal. Get in touch with Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control today and ensure your property is squirrel-free in the future.

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