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How to get the raccoons under my deck out!

Raccoons are wild creatures known to venture out during the nighttime hours to forage for food. Raccoons often create dens in attics but during the warmer parts of the year they will call decks or sheds their own. When a raccoon has taken up residence under the deck of your home, you will want to have it removed as quickly as possible. With raccoon removal, you can avoid any physical damage to your home as well as the possibility of disease as the animal is known to be a carrier of several.

Muddy paw prints where raccoons have been getting below a deck

What Do You Do?

If you find that raccoons have moved in under the deck, you have a few options. You could do nothing at all and hope that the raccoons will leave soon. From March to July, raccoons will breed. If you find that a raccoon has moved in during this time, you can assume that it is a mom that is having babies or has already had them and they live under the deck as well. You can choose to let the mom help her babies grow up and then once they leave for good, block off the deck in order to avoid this problem in the future. Although, once they leave the deck a skunk could take up residence afterward. Skunks and raccoons often trade den sites below decks and sheds.

If you want to see the raccoons leave, you can use light and sound to drive them away. Add motion sensor lighting and play music to see if the raccoon will move away from your home. Be careful when trying this tactic as it is possible that you could harass the mother to the point where she no longer feels safe and ends up abandoning her babies below the deck.

Installing a heavy gauge screen barrier to prevent raccoons from getting below a deck

You want to be sure that all raccoons have left, including any babies, before you seal off the entry point. By sealing off your deck, you will be preventing any further infestations in the future.

Contact Animal Control

If you do not feel comfortable trying to drive the raccoons away or your efforts have failed, contact animal control for assistance. Wildlife experts who handle raccoon removal will come up with a plan of action that will see the raccoons leave your property. Once removed, you can then take preventative measures in order to ensure that the creatures do not return in the future. A wildlife technician should also provide insight into any cleaning you need to complete or any contaminated materials to be removed.

Raccoon feces and urine can carry and spread disease. Any cleanup of the area should be done with precaution to ensure no disease is spread.

At Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, we are ready to assist you with your raccoon removal needs. Contact our office immediately when you notice raccoons around your property, including under the deck. We have the experience and knowledge to see the creatures leave your home and provide maintenance to ensure they do not return in the future. Let our experts handle your pest problem with efficiency and humane removal methods.

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