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How to get rid of mice in your garage

There are tons and tons of places mice can nest for the winter in your home and on your property. Fall means the frantic search for the best place to live through the cold. Mice can get in holes the size of a dime. The last thing you need is an infestation on your hands.

Garages are safe and warm

For the most part, mice are attracted to garages because they’re a hideout from the winter elements and close to food sources. Also, garages generally have clutter and old junk. This is like a magnet for mouse nests. Small and hard to get to areas in dusty corners. There’s plenty of nest building material such as cardboard, newspaper and wood. Most of us leave garbage cans in the garage. The smell of rotting food brings rodents to your home. Mice can reproduce incredibly fast. Make sure to get rid of them as soon as you can.


Mouse droppings and bird seed are evidence of activity in the garage.

Seal cracks and holes

Look around the outside of your garage. Mice can fit through tiny holes in the roof, walls, foundation or around doors and windows. It’s best to try and keep them out before they even get in.

Commercial and natural mouse deterrents

There are lots of different options at the hardware store. However, make sure you get one that repels mice. Fatal chemicals are bad for you and your pets. Also, dead mice could end up anywhere. Then you have a rotting corpse somewhere in your walls.

Avoid storing food

Try not to leave anything a mouse might find appetizing in your garage. Keep human food indoors. Make sure to get a locking garbage can. Get sealable containers for pet food, bird and grass seed.

Keep it clean

The fewer crevices they can find the better. Regularly organize and wash your garage. It removes any musty smell that might attract rodents. Mice are scared of wide open spaces so get rid of needless clutter. It’s hard because it’s a garage. But, you’ll see a difference when keeping it clean.




Bird seed stored by mice under a garage step

Grimsby mouse removal

If problems persist make sure to contact a professional. Garages are usually attached to your home. Infestations can dramatically grow year over year. Removing one mouse doesn’t solve the problem. There’s always more than one. If you discover evidence of mouse infestation reach out to Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control.

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