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How to Keep Control of Mosquitoes in Your Backyard

Mosquitoes are annoying little bugs that congregate in neighbourhoods, making it impossible sometimes to enjoy your outdoor space. Rain puddles, ponds, wet leaf matter and ditches are common areas where mosquitoes live and when your home is affected, you can be bitten too many times to count. Many times, the use of sprays or chemicals do not help and they are not the best option for your health or the environment. Thankfully, you do have bird friends that can assist with removing the mosquito population from your home and helping you enjoy your yard a little more.

Diminishing the Mosquito Population in Your Neighbourhood

To help lower the number of mosquitoes in your neighbourhood, try to attract birds that will eat insects as they fly through the air. Swallows like to eat mosquitoes and can cut down on the number of bug problems you have around your home. The eastern kingbird is another feathered friend who can assist with killing off mosquitoes.

Bird nesting in an attic can be a fire hazard

To maintain a bird-friendly backyard, you will need to take measures to attract such birds as swallows to your area. The birds will not wipe out the mosquitoes completely but will help you to enjoy your yard without feeling swarmed by the bugs. To attract such birds, you will need to provide food, water and shelter. The more trees and flowers plus shrubbery you have in your garden, the more birds you will invite into your yard.

Insects tend to be drawn in by native wildflowers as well as berries. These flowers and fruits will also attract songbirds that will eat the bugs. You can also add in winter feeding stations so that insect eaters will be attracted to your home. Nesting boxes can be made and added to your yard to attract swallows as well as chickadees which will help to cut down on the mosquito population.

Avoiding an Overpopulation of birds

While birds can be helpful in eliminating bugs such as mosquitoes, they can also affect the home. You want to take precautions so that your home is not affected by an overpopulation of birds. Watch for birds making nests in the gutters or roof line of your home. Birds can gain access to the attic space of your home and make a nest which leads to a mess and another problem.

Bird droppings can permanently stain building materials

Birds that take up residency in attics can destroy insulation as well as the wood materials in the space due to urine and feces. When birds gain entry into the home, wildlife removal services are needed to ensure the birds are removed and any babies are safely reunited with the mom.

At Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, we are ready to assist you with bird removal if you encounter a bird infestation in your home. When you have a bird problem, contact our office to have a removal team provide essential wildlife removal services. Prevention methods will be provided as well to ensure that your home will not be affected in the future.

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