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How to keep pigeons away from your business

Town squares, commercial areas, downtown. Pigeons are everywhere. They have no fear of humans. They will peck a French fry right of out your hand. Pigeons have become rodents of the sky. Their reputation precedes them.

Pigeons can do a lot of damage to buildings and structures

We’ve all seen the statue covered in poop or feces streaming down the side of a building. This is unsightly and disgusting. And in reality it does a tremendous amount of damage to these areas. Pigeon droppings contain an acidic component that is highly corrosive. It can cause a lot of damage over a short period of time. Over two thousand years ago the bird was partially domesticated. It’s not scared of people at all.

So, getting rid of pigeons isn’t easy

They become attached to a particular site. The birds have an internal homing instinct that always brings them back to one spot. Mating pigeons can lay as many as four broods a year. A couple bird pests can rapidly increase to a real problem.

Some tips at controlling pigeons around your business

  1. Set up barriers. Spike strips, mesh fencing or string make it difficult for pigeons to balance or get onto ledges. Extend each barrier across any areas with major traffic. Also, sprinkling cayenne, cinnamon or pepper where they roost will put them off.
  2. Sealing entrances. Make sure to close off any potential areas for pigeon roosts. Heavy curtains of plastic can discourage entry. Silicon, caulk or plastic bird netting can make it difficult for them.
  3. Remove food sources. It’s a nice past time to feed the birds, but this could be why they keep coming back. Pigeons love easy food. Keep garbage areas clean, tidy up litter and clean up tree seeds.
  4. Scare pigeons away. There’s multiple ways to humanely frighten them before they begin to nest into never coming back. Spray them with water. Introduce reflective surfaces. Loud noise. Plastic or concrete predators. Once scared, pigeons will be reluctant to return.

Kitchener bird removal

Pigeons can carry disease and they’re one of the hardest species to get rid of. If you’ve noticed the birds in your area have become a pest, make sure to contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control.

Skedaddle technicians will create and implement a customized bird control program for your home or business that includes removal, prevention and cleanup.

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