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How to keep raccoons out your garbage

Raccoons are sneaky. They’ll get into the most locked up garbage cans. But, there’s steps you can take to prevent them from getting into your trash.

Protect your garbage.

The best way to keep raccoons out of your trash is to put it on lockdown. Make sure the container is impenetrable. Your best option is a locking metal trash can. Although plastic is popular, over time pests can chew through. Never leave the lid off.

Secure your trash can.

Always use the locking mechanism in place designed to keep raccoons out. For lids that don’t lock attach plastic pipe or tube around the top of the can. Creating a tight seal. Then, tie the lid down with rope or bungee cord.

Hold the lid in place.

Put a heavy item such as a rock, cinder block or anything else that’s difficult for raccoons to move.  This adds a little extra security, but could be a nuisance to you if it’s too heavy.

Keep the inside of the container clean.

Make sure to wash out any spilled garbage. Also, spraying ammonia can act as a deterrent. It smells like urine and is highly offensive to raccoons. Maintain the area around your garbage cans. Fallen trash is a sign your bins are vulnerable.

Use a raccoon repellent.

Most commercial products are successful at keeping pests away. But, if you are skeptical of the harm they could do to the environment or animals try natural remedies. Sprinkle hot pepper or cayenne pepper granules around the garbage area. Also, mustard oil can act as a suitable option.

Motion detection lighting.

Install outdoor lights that brighten the garbage area when they detect movement. Pests are often deterred by sudden bright light. Raccoons are nocturnal and rather activity in darkness. Also, radios frighten pests. Constant sound makes them think its a predator.

Have a closed off place for your garbage.

When it’s not garbage day make sure your cans are safely secured in an area with no access. Garages, sheds and basements are good locations. If there’s no way in, then raccoons can’t find it.

Oakville wild animal control.

Raccoons are everywhere in neighbourhoods and rarely leave a small home range. It’s best to prevent them from destroying your garbage before it happens. However, sometimes raccoons can den under decks and in attics.

If you’ve noticed more raccoon activity around your home then contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. We’ve been serving Oakville since 1989 with humane and effective raccoon removal techniques.

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