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Bats Start Hibernating Early! How To Effectively Remove Bats From Your Home

The problem with bats is, they’re not as bad as people make them out to be – at least not all the time. They’re just like any other animal, except they can cause traceless bites and are carriers of numerous diseases deadly to humans. However, they won’t seek out humans and target them specifically – that’s at least one part of their existence that myths have greatly exaggerated. They are hugely important for the ecosystem, which is why humane animal removal services are only necessary if they gain access to the inside of your home.

Accumulations of bat feces inside your home could lead to respiratory illness

The trouble with bats, in the sense of wildlife removal, is the fact that there’s a very short window of opportunity when they can be safely and humanely removed by professionals from people’s homes. This is due to the fact that they hibernate in the winter and have their babies between June and July. The only safe time for them to be physically removed from homes is between August and early September. Come late September and October, they will already have commenced their hibernation cycle for the year. So, if you don’t seize the moment, you’ll be stuck with them for another whole year.

Heavily used bat entry points can be identified by a build up of staining from the oily fur of bats

Why is it bad to have them inside of your home? Because they can transmit rabies, cause histoplasmosis and have an entire plethora of negative, harmful and destructive effects on your home, family and pets. Therefore, instead of spending time making useless traps, it is more productive to identify the entry points the colony or individual bats have used to access your home. Upon locating these points your next move is to install one-way doors over top of them. One-way doors allow bats to exit your home in search of food, but prevent them from getting back into the house. All other potential gaps and cracks around the roof line should also be sealed.

When sealing off the entry points, you can use a wide variety of products to great success. Among these are steel screens, caulking and even polyurethane foam. It is essential to seal off every single nook and cranny you can find so as to make sure the bats never come back again. Bats are both escape and entry artists, meaning they can squeeze through openings smaller than themselves very easily.

Needless to say, you can always bring in a professional who specializes in wildlife removal services; the technicians are well trained in the biology and habits of bats and will go over your property and residence quicker and with more authority. As a result, they will identify the entry points more easily as they will know where to look. If done right, the process of removing bats from your home will only have to be performed once, which is obviously going to disrupt your daily activities only minimally.

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