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How to safely clean mouse droppings

Starting the day with your morning routine. Half asleep. Grab a bowl and milk. Move that box of cereal and see small black pellets. Mouse droppings. Don’t just grab a piece of paper towel and pick it up. Mice carry various bacteria, viruses and diseases. You must be careful removing mouse droppings.

Precautions for mouse dropping removal

There are many illness and diseases transmitted through rodent feces. Deer mice carry Hantavirus that’s transmitted to humans through airborne particles from their droppings, urine and saliva. Seek medical attention if you notice flu like symptoms after coming in close exposure to rodent nests. This disease can be fatal to humans.

Mouse droppings and damage below a bathroom sink

Mouse droppings and damage below a bathroom sink

Where to start?

Although your first instinct is to vacuum or sweep up any droppings, it’s important to not create a lot of dust. Airborne bacteria can easily spread. Begin by airing out the contaminated area. Open windows, doors and vents to help increase airflow. Latex gloves and a dust mask are important when dealing with toxic material.

Cleaning up mouse droppings

  • Begin by spraying the area with a commercial disinfectant or combination of bleach and water. Let it soak for about five minutes. It’s usually 1 part bleach to 10 parts water. Follow any other instructions on store-bought sprays or solvents.
  • Use paper towel to pick up the feces and wipe the area. Throw the spoiled material into a garbage bag.
  • Once you have removed all visible mouse droppings, disinfect the rest of the items or area that might have been contaminated.

Disinfect the whole area

Wherever you find mouse droppings make sure to clean the whole area. Mop floors, wipe countertops and steam clean fabric furniture and carpets. Wash any clothing or bedding that might have come into contact with mouse urine or droppings. Always thoroughly clean your hands after being close to contaminated areas.

How Hamilton’s Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control can help?

Our rodent removal services can do this whole process for you. Trained professionals remove any mouse droppings and disinfect the whole area. Also, they will repair any damage the infestation might have caused.

In your attic, Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control will replace insulation that mouse droppings and urine might have soaked into. Mouse activity can damage and reduce the effectiveness of your insulation as well as causing odour and mold problems.

Don’t tackle a mouse infestation alone. Call Skedaddle today 1-888-592-0387!

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