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How to stop mice from nesting in your BBQ

Rodents are very adaptable creatures. And when it comes to winter they’ll do anything to get out the cold. Regular food sources can attract mice from near and far. To coexist with humans mice developed unique skills to cope with environmental changes and difficulties.

Mice will nest anywhere

When the temperature drops and we move into autumn mice are looking for safe and warm places to wait out the winter. Any point of entry into your home or other structure found on your property makes it simple for rodents to nest in your personal space. Usually mice are attracted to places behind your house’s drywall such as the attic, basement or walls. It’s identifiable by scratching and scurrying sounds heard during the night. But, if you’re an efficient homeowner and maintain your outer walls and roof by sealing possible holes and cracks then rodents might have to find somewhere else to hide.

Mouse droppings found in or near your BBQ is the best way to identify activity

Mouse droppings found in or near your BBQ is the best way to identify activity

Your BBQ is the perfect place for a mouse nest

The smell of old food attracts rodents in that direction. BBQs have all sorts of small holes and cracks that are gateways for desperate mice. Mice will nest under the grill using small sticks, fabric and garbage to construct a warm home. During this time they will urinate and leave feces in a place you cook food. It’s important to stop mice before they even dream of entering your BBQ

  • Thoroughly clean the BBQ after each use.
  • Burn off any remaining food or residue.
  • Cover it with a zipper cover during the winter.
  • Reduce nesting areas and food sources.
  • Get rid of newspapers, cardboard and clutter that mice can nest with.
  • Close all vents and block holes for the winter.

Sometimes this isn’t enough and in the spring you see mice living in your BBQ

It’s just the way it is. You’ll take every precaution, but somehow a mouse will still find its way into the smallest areas. If you find a nest in your BBQ take extra care because mouse droppings can carry disease and be poisonous to humans.

  • Wearing gloves and mask to remove the nest.
  • Clean the grill really well using disinfectant.
  • Invest in a BBQ cover that can prevent mice.
  • Regular use and cleaning can reduce mouse problems.
  • Call a professional.

Ancaster mouse control

If you discover evidence of mice living in your BBQ or home make sure to contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. If you have mice living in close proximity to your home then there’s a strong possibility that they could make their way into your house.

Our process begins by inspecting your house’s exterior for signs of mouse entry. We then install one-way doors to allow mice to exit the house in search of food but prevent re-entry. With the one-way doors in place we then make sure to seal the rest of your house to prevent future mouse infestation.

Call today for safe and effective mouse control! 1-888-592-0387

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