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How To Stop Skunks From Occupying Your Garden This Summer

Skunks are very cute and cuddly when they are babies. They are also notoriously smelly, as they have a unique defense mechanism that has earned them a notorious reputation. Skunks also have a habit of plaguing homeowners in urban environments by taking up residence in and around their homes. Summertime, after the babies are born, is when they reach peak activity, so it is time to read up on the DIY ways you can help keep them away from your property. Keep in mind that contacting a professional wildlife control service to assist with removal and prevention, is the recommended solution.

Skunk Animal Control: Know Your Enemy 

Typically non-aggressive and mild-mannered, skunks are nocturnal animals that prefer to eat insects and small animals, instead of causing trouble in your garden. They will pay a visit to your property, however, if you have fruits and vegetables that grow close to the ground. Skunks are also the culprit when it comes to lawn damage as they will dig up yards in search of white grubs in the soil. Most often, they can become a nuisance to homeowners when they spray near the home and the smell makes its way into your house or if they have a confrontation with your dog in the backyard. Your dog is far more likely to be sprayed by a skunk if that skunk is living on the property.

Skunk tracks in the snow leading to a den site below a garden shed

Skunk tracks in the snow leading to a den site below a garden shed

DIY Prevention 

Among the most effective ways to keep skunks off your property and out of your garden are the following:

  • Use wire mesh to seal off your shed or deck if you don’t want skunks living under them. When doing so, make sure to bury the screen in the ground and put a bend in it to extend it outward 30 centimetres from edge of the deck. This serves to prevent skunks from digging under the screen to gain access
  • If you have a vegetable patch and wish to protect it against skunks, fencing the area can help keep them out. Skunks are poor climbers so a 3 foot tall fence should be tall enough to keep them out.
  • Spray your lawn with beneficial nematodes or milky spore disease. This will help control Japanese beetle larvae and will also do wonders to rid your lawn of skunks’ favorite snacks, effectively making your property much less attractive for the critters
Installing a wire mesh barrier to prevent skunks from getting below a deck

Installing a wire mesh barrier to prevent skunks from getting below a deck

Need Help With Skunk Animal Control? Call The Professionals At Skedaddle

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is a company that has almost three decades of experience when it comes to animal and wildlife control. It has pioneered humane methods and techniques of removing wildlife invaders from people’s homes and properties, which is important not only for homeowners but for preserving wildlife as well. Skedaddle has helped thousands of households to date, so call the expert team at Skedaddle today to ensure your home is skunk-free.

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