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How You Could Be Attracting Wildlife to Your Property

Having to take care of your property when wildlife is around can be quite demanding. Once they invade your home and your yard, it is hard to move them out since they are adaptable and opportunistic. They can easily adjust to all types of environments. But, there are some things that you do unconsciously which they perceive as an invitation. Therefore, it is advisable to pay more attention and avoid dealing with them later. In case they have settled in beforehand, you can always contact professional wild animal control providers and they will do the work.

Not mowing your yard often

If you let your yard get overgrown, unruly bushes and tall grass will be a perfect hiding place for wildlife such as squirrels, raccoons, mice, and even snakes. In case you have children or pets around, this can be particularly dangerous. Be sure to mow your yard on a regular basis and the chances that you will have any kind of wildlife on your property will be greatly lessened.

Feeding unwanted animals

Avoid attracting the uninvited guests with food.  If you feed wildlife, they will feel welcome and will take that as a direct way of inviting them to stay. No matter how cute they may seem to you, it is not advisable to feed them since this will lessen their fear of humans. And not only this- you will run the risk of getting bit. If you enjoy feeding the birds year round just make sure other animals cannot easily get to the food.

The most important part of our service includes exclusion and preventing access to your property.

Avoid leaving garbage cans and pet food out

Wildlife can easily smell food in your yard. This means that you should pay special attention to where you are putting garbage cans and pet food. Make sure there are no leftovers and that trash can lids are properly sealed. In addition to this, you should also block pet doors at night or when they are not in use since, sometimes, wildlife can make their way inside your home through them.

Not sealing off home entry points such as the chimney

When winter comes along, you cannot expect wildlife to respect the boundary between the outdoors and your house. They are clever and they will use any opportunity that arises. They will easily make their way into your home through the attic and chimney. One thing you can do is buy a professional chimney can and prevent them from entering. But, if you notice some animals have invaded your house, it is a better idea to call a professional instead of dealing with them on your own.

Not helping your neighbours

If you are noticing a lot of wildlife in your neighbourhood, share your knowledge with other homeowners. They may not be familiar with all the practices that you are. Help them so that they become aware of the habits that wildlife has and find a way to keep them out. They are maybe not aware of some mistakes they are making- in this way, you will help them realize in which ways they can prevent the wildlife from damaging their property.

If you have done all that is in your power but wildlife is still there, contact Skedaddle

In case you are out of ideas what to do next, it is advisable to contact professional wild animal control services. If all of the prevention strategies have failed, this is something you can count on to solve your problems. The technicians at Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control are highly trained and qualified to remove any kind of unwanted animal from your property. Put your trust in them and you will not regret it. Skedaddle has been in business for 30 years and has pioneered a number of humane removal and exclusion techniques that your property and home can benefit from, including the invading wildlife. Reach out to Skedaddle today and ensure you are safe and sound.

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