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The Importance of Hands-On Raccoon Removal

This video was captured by one of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control’s technicians as he evicted a mother raccoon from a crawlspace in Kanata, Ontario. This raccoon had decided to take up residence below the floor of this house by digging below an addition. She liked her new accommodations so much that she decided to give birth to a litter of four babies.

The homeowner became aware of the problem when they began to hear the babies squeal and scream below their living room. In cases like these, Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Controls uses hands-on removal techniques to provide our customers with superior results. Instead of leaving a trap behind and hoping to catch something, our technicians roll up their sleeves and go face to face with the momma.

Hands-on removal of raccoons is especially important when the babies are young. Before they become mobile it is impossible to trap or force them out of their home. The only way to effectively remove the family is to take the babies out by hand. Raccoon babies only begin to leave the den site after eight weeks.

Once the raccoon mother was chased from the crawlspace, we gathered the babies and took them outside so that their mother could collect them later that evening. To prevent her from re-entering the crawlspace we made sure to repair and reinforce the entry point.

As a homeowner living with raccoons inside your attic, crawlspace or chimney you should always be wary of companies that set traps to get rid of raccoons. Using hands-on techniques to remove raccoons and securing the home provides results that are more effective, faster and humane.

If a family of raccoons is making a mess inside your home, give Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control a call today and get piece of mind. 1.877.222.9453.

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