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The Incredible Climbing Ability of Raccoons

One of the abilities raccoons are famous for is climbing. It can be said that their dexterity is really remarkable. If you like watching videos of raccoons in the wild, you have probably seen female raccoons carrying their kits in their mouths while climbing up tall trees. Even though this ability of theirs seems amazing, you should be aware of the fact that they can use it in order to climb up your roof and settle in there. In case this happens, make sure you contact a professional company for humane raccoon removal. In order to learn more about these animals and the ways in which they can invade your property, keep on reading.

Raccoons and their superpowers

Another thing that can amaze you when raccoons are in question is the fact that their hind feet can rotate 180 degrees and, in this way, help them to descend easily. In addition to this, their paws are extremely sensitive. This means that they best ‘see’ an object by touching it. What is more interesting is that this ability of theirs is heightened underwater. Namely, when we see them washing their food, they are actually feeling and figuring it out. Raccoons are curious animals- this is why they can easily break into garbage cans or break out of cages.

Raccoons can climb walls, buildings, trees and more.

An incredible story of a raccoon

The whole world has watched a particularly unusual event on a very special Tuesday recently. Namely, a raccoon spent almost the whole day climbing a 25-story building in Minnesota. People were at the same time amazed and afraid about how this whole situation is going to end. But, there was one person who studies urban raccoons and who was not worried at all. Why? According to her, raccoons have quite a few superpowers and one of them is a crack climbing ability. Since raccoons have spent a lot of time in the cities, they have adjusted themselves to those conditions and they have learned how to behave in any situation. Of course, this lady was right and the raccoon climbed that building with success.

In what other ways can they use their amazing abilities?

At first sight, you may think raccoons are nice and sweet creatures that can use their little paws to help them in their intentions. But, do not let their cuteness and extraordinary talents seduce you since they can do something that will change your opinion. Namely, another thing for which they use their abilities is to find shelter on your property. They will not be thoughtful guests, in fact quite the opposite. Raccoons can make a huge mess if you do not prevent them from moving in. In case you fail to do so and you notice a raccoon in your home, make sure you have it removed as soon as possible. Of course, this means that you should not do this on your own. What you need to do is to contact a professional and they will do this for you.

If there is a raccoon in your home that needs to be removed, call Skedaddle

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is a reputable company on which you can count when any kind of wildlife needs to be removed. The best thing about the company is that it specializes in humane raccoon removal. Their methods and techniques do not involve using toxic chemicals or killing animals. Rather, they minimize stress and injury to the animals and, at the same time, make sure there is no damage done to your property. If there is a raccoon on your property or you would like to prevent them from entering, contact Skedaddle and they will do everything they can to help you.

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