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Animal Control: Interesting Facts about Pigeons in the Wild


Known for their cooing sounds and docile demeanour, pigeons are paid little attention as wildlife animals and are often dismissed as pesky birds. There is more than meets the eye with these birds though. The next time pigeons cause you to call wild animal control, consider these fascinating but little-known facts about the birds.

They Won the Hearts of Great Minds


Pigeons cooed their way into the hearts of great thinkers like Nikola Tesla and Charles Darwin. Darwin’s obsession with the birds was demonstrated in his avid participation in the pigeon clubs of London. In fact, Darwin famously penned a nature-themed book and dedicated a whole two chapters to the birds he loved most. Tesla was so moved by his love for these birds that he went to an extreme that few followed. He used his hotel room as a sanctuary in which he nursed sick pigeons back to health. One pigeon, in particular, a white female, totally captivated Tesla’s heart leaving him inconsolable and heartbroken when she died.

They Were Probably the First Bird Species to be Domesticated


This one is a no brainer given the fact that some of the earlier geniuses were big fans of pigeons. But they were probably popular among human beings long before these men set foot on earth. The evidence says it all. Just look at some ancient artwork for early civilizations especially those of places like Egypt and Mesopotamia. Historians also believe these birds were part of the diet of people who lived in these early times.

Advanced Homing Technology


When it comes to finding their way back home, pigeons lead the natural world with its incredible range. From as far as 1300 miles away, a pigeon can find its way back home. Challenges such as disrupting their vision and attempting to distort their sense of direction by rotating their cages while transporting them have not hindered the pigeons’ ability to do this. The secret behind the pigeons’ uncanny homing abilities remains elusive to scientists despite years of investigations and experiments. Apparently, pigeons are also great at keeping secrets too!

This remarkable talent is what inspired early people to use pigeons as message carriers before the establishment of the formal postal system. Pigeons carried messages between allies and enemies in some of the world’s most famous battles.

They Have Some Dodo Heritage


Yes indeed! You read that correctly. The famous extinct birds, the Dodos were related to the pigeons you see around you today. Doves and pigeons belong to a 308 species-rich group called Columbiformes and guess who also belonged to this group? That’s right, the Dodo bird. The kinship has been confirmed by DNA evidence which also found that the Nicobar pigeon is the Dodo’s closest relative.

Pigeons-The Downside


Pigeons rank high among the aviary wildlife animals that can negatively impact domestic space. Their droppings carry bacteria that can make people and domestic animals sick. They can also damage buildings. The accumulated droppings and urine, will over time corrode sections of your building. Additionally, the nests they build are flammable and this increases the fire hazard for your space. The thing to always bear in mind though is the fact that these birds are simply responding to their biological instincts to survive. There is absolutely no malice in their actions despite the extent of the
negative impacts that follow.

As remarkable as these birds are, their presence, especially in great numbers still triggers a need for the intervention of wild animal control experts. Skedaddles team of wildlife technicians will ensure that your property is free of pigeons and the hazards they bring.

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