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Is it a bat? No, it’s a Chimney Swift: Learn More

Have you heard a noise coming from your chimney and assume it’s a bat of some sort? Sounds coming from your chimney can most certainly be a bat and bat removal service will be needed if so. However, in many cases, homeowners find that the sound is actually a bird and it might be one that is considered endangered.

Chimney Swift

The Chimney Swift is a small bird that is completely harmless and often times seeks shelter in the chimney of homes. While the bird does not mean you any harm, bird removal services should be contacted for a number of reasons. To begin, the bird is endangered and protected based on the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. The federal law will prohibit anyone from removing the migrating bird without having the proper federal permit.

So, the removal of the birds is prohibited by you the homeowner. It is also important to note that these birds always return to the same spot each year to nest. So, if you have Chimney Swifts in your chimney now, they will leave and return each migratory season unless you have the proper precautions in place. If you want to see the birds leave and never come back, you will need to take precautions once migration begins.

Learn More About the Bird

To begin, you need to learn more about the Chimney Swift. The bird is a common migrating creature located in North America. They are often mistaken for bats but have unique features that help distinguish them from the nocturnal creatures. This bird is unlike other birds as it does not use tree branches for perching. The bird actually has trouble balancing horizontally. They are used to using vertical walls as well as textured walls in order to rest. They were created to be able to hold on to ridges of walls, which is why they find chimneys so appealing.

Bird Proofing Your Home

Once the migratory season is over and you find that the Chimney Swifts have moved on, you are ready to bird-proof your home. You will need to install a chimney cap once the birds have moved south. During the installation process, the chimney must be inspected to ensure no birds are left behind. Any nests or eggs or the bird itself cannot be removed.

When the chimney is clean and clear, the cap can be installed. This will ensure no birds are able to enter the chimney in the future. This is a proper form of bird control and will help you to avoid any roosting in the future by this bird type or others birds in the area.

At Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, we specialize in bird removal as well as other forms of wildlife control. If you have an issue with birds or other animals in your home, we are happy to help. Contact our office today to find out more about the many removal services we provide our customers. We look forward to serving you with any wildlife control need.

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