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Keep Mice And Other Small Animals From Your Property

A wildlife infestation is arguably one of the most nerve-racking and stressful discoveries a homeowner can make on their beloved property. The same goes for one’s home, and both are in danger of wildlife infestations particularly during the hot summer months. Among small animals that typically plague properties and homes, mice are the most common and damaging pests. Getting rid of mice can be attempted the DIY way, though professional removal services are the recommended option. That said, keep reading to learn about ways of preventing infestations.

Keeping Small Animals Away From Your Property 101

There are a number of different strategies you can resort to in order to eliminate the presence of mice and other small animals from your property. Three very simple, yet particularly effective ones include:

  • Limit the places where the critters can live
  • Discourage them from entering yards and buildings
  • Ensure no food sources motivate them to invade

Mice are known to chew their way through wherever they are trying to get too. Even wood.

Limiting The Places Where The Critters Can Live

This can be achieved through various methods, a particularly effective example involves the placement of smooth steel wraps around tree trunks to prevent the critters from climbing. You can also reduce their shelter such as rock or wood piles, brush and tall grass, as well as block potential den areas inside sheds or under decks. You can also try placing gravel around the base of buildings in order to discourage them from digging and nesting.

Discouraging Small Animals From Entering Yards And Buildings

There are different techniques designed to help you achieve this goal. Examples include, sealing ground-level cracks and holes, as well as warped siding or other entry holes. If doing so, BE SURE NOT TO SEAL ANIMALS INSIDE. Use appropriate fencing to secure your yard, don’t leave the garage door open and fix poorly fitting doors. If you have any bushes or trees near structures, trim the branches to prevent easy access to roofs and chimneys, in addition to installing a chimney cap. Scare animals away by using motion-sensitive sprinklers or lights, hanging streamers and scarecrows. Since mice can fit through a hole the size of a quarter, proofing might be best left to the professionals.

Dryer Vents

Dryer vents make for a very easy access point for small animals.

Ensuring No Food Sources Motivate Them To Invade

Food sources are one of the biggest reasons behind wildlife infestations, so make sure not to leave things like garbage cans outside overnight. Similarly, remember to secure garbage lids, clean up spilled garbage and don’t leave garbage around on your property. Empty any grease traps from barbecues and think about using a bungee strap or cord to keep the lid tight on your garbage and compost cans. Switch over to feeding your pets indoors and protect bird feeders from small animals. Clean up any spilled food around the bird feeders, pick up vegetables and fallen fruit, and also remove ripened fruit from trees.

Already Faced With An Infestation? Get In Touch With Skedaddle

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is a company that specializes in humane wildlife removal methods. Thanks to more than two decades of hands-on experience, Skedaddle has distinguished itself with a 100% success rate across more than 200,000 interventions and has helped just as many homeowners be rid of wildlife infestations. Getting rid of mice from homes and properties is just another day at the office for Skedaddle, so get in touch with the company experts right away and ensure you have a peaceful summer ahead.

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