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Keeping a Squirrel as a Pet is not a Good Idea! Here’s Why

With a cute face and a furry tail, squirrels are very interesting and amusing to many people. At the same time, they can make quite a mess when they nest, and you’ll find a lot of damage and feces in that area as well. Squirrel removal is something that wildlife services do a lot of, using humane ways and all the while keeping an eye on aggressive mothers with babies. Yes, squirrels can be pretty aggressive, especially when it comes to their babies. That being said, they aren’t really good to keep as pets; you’ll find them challenging to look after and you’ll find holes in weird places around your house all the time. Not fully convinced yet? Here are some reasons why you should seriously reconsider keeping a squirrel as a pet.

Don’t Let the Cute Face Fool You!

Even though they look really cute, think about a squirrel with a lot of energy running around your house. This makes them very hard to cage and they won’t be able to settle down since they need a lot of space to roam around happily. This means that a squirrel will be bored and will start to damage everything around it. You’ll find out just how destructive they can get once they are deprived of space and freedom. Since these are wild animals with natural instincts, squirrels won’t hesitate to use them when they are in your house. They have sharp claws for climbing and teeth which they use for chewing or defence and when it comes to your home, they’re very likely going to be used for destroying furniture.

Only trained, and qualified rehabbers should consider taking in a wild animal.

Messy, Messy Squirrels

You’ll be surprised at how much mess a squirrel can make around your house. They’ll leave behind feces and urine pretty much everywhere, just as they would do out in nature. Cleaning that out would most certainly become a nightmare and then there’s a simple fact that a house becomes smelly and dirty. This is in itself more than enough reason to avoid keeping squirrels as pets.

Is it Even Legal?

In most cases, it is illegal to keep squirrels as pets, but most importantly, it is inhumane as well. They aren’t domestic animals and are supposed to be in the wild where they belong. They need their freedom and space, so the process of trying to domesticate them will be highly stressful. Usually, you won’t be able to train them not to use their energy for destructive purposes. Over time, you will find out that it’s easier to adopt a cat or a dog than it is to take care of an animal that belongs in the wild.

If You Find a Baby Squirrel Contact Skedaddle

If you happen to find a baby squirrel anywhere on your property, the absolute best option is to get in touch with the professionals from Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. Our knowledgeable technicians will know how to handle the humane removal of both the mother and her babies. Instead of trying to take care of the babies yourself, Skedaddle will be happy to tackle the entire squirrel removal from start to finish. We can also help you with any other wildlife on your property by using humane methods that don’t harm the animals. So, if you need help with any kind of wildlife invasion situation, reach out to Skedaddle immediately and let the professionals handle the problem.

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