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Wildlife Control Services to Help Keep the Pests Away From your Home

When you become a homeowner, you soon discover the common issues that come along with living in a home. You learn how to handle plumbing issues, HVAC and basic landscaping. It can be quite fun when you first move in to your home to begin a regular routine of taking care of your home. One issue that every homeowner will face is pests. From mice to squirrels, there are several creatures that like to take up residence in the home. It is important to learn how to avoid such creatures and what steps to take if you face a pest in the home. Read on to find out what not to do as well as how to contact wildlife control services for assistance.

Plastic roof vent covers provide easy access to attics

Common Household Pests

There are several animals and pests that commonly enter the home to seek shelter. Mice, rats and squirrels are the most common, though raccoons, skunks and bats can also seek a place to live inside your home. Whenever such pests are found in your home, you must contact wildlife control services for assistance. Each creature can carry disease or be a danger to you or your loved ones. Technicians who specialize in wildlife control will be able to remove the pest quickly and then show you how to secure the home so the unwanted guest does not gain entry yet again.

Bird feeds help to attract all kinds of rodents including, squirrels, mice and rats

With mice and rats, you will see droppings and probably the rodent running throughout the home. With squirrels, you will hear running around in the walls or attic space. Squirrels are known to have babies in attic spaces which can lead to a more difficult time with removal. Professional wildlife experts are required to ensure the mother and babies are removed with care.

Bats also like to live in the attic and can leave behind bat guano which can carry disease into the home. When bats are present, they need to be carefully removed as well as the area cleaned up and repaired afterwards to ensure that your family members are not affected by any diseases.

Another creature that likes to live in the attic or crawlspace is a raccoon. Raccoons can climb and will use tree limbs outside of your home to gain access to these areas. Once inside, the raccoons will leave behind urine and feces as well as chew up the woodwork of the home. Raccoons can carry diseases including rabies and can be a danger to those in the home. Professional removal is recommended to ensure the safety of everyone.

Once these pests are removed, the technician will provide you with insight on changes you can make to your home that will ensure no creatures come inside again. Sealing off small entry points are key, along with keeping garbage cans locked up tight. Proper steps should be taken with your home so that these pests are not enticed to enter and take up residency.

Contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control today when you need help with any type of pest. Our technicians are skilled in all areas of wildlife control to help you.

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