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Keep those squirrels away from my house

Most homeowners purchase a home in the hopes of sharing it with family and friends, not wild creatures. However, once you become a homeowner, you soon realize that sometimes pesky creatures like to gain access to your home, trying to claim it as their own. Such creatures that try to take over your home include squirrels, they are known for living in trees and gathering nuts.

A squirrel entry point through a chewed plastic roof vent

The best way to ensure squirrels do not enter the home, is to take preventative measures. Squirrels often take up residency in the home within the attic space. This is an area that is high up, like trees, and easy to access due to roof vents, soffits and other openings in or around the roofline and fascia. There are preventative measures you can take on your own to ensure squirrels do not have access as well as options provided by wildlife experts. Take a look at such options below.

DIY Prevention

To begin, you can get started with preventing squirrels from getting into your home by taking a few precautions. If you find that squirrels are prevalent in your area, avoid bird feeders. The seed that you use can be a calling card to squirrels, a free meal that they come back for day after day. By removing such feeders, you are cutting off an instant food source.

Squirrel chewing on attic wire and wood

Take a look at trees in your yard. Do you have any branches that hang over the home or come close to the roofline? If so, take time to cut these branches back so that the squirrels are not able to use the trees to access your roofline. If squirrels have a hard time getting on the roof, then they will not be able to get inside your home.

Professional Preventative Maintenance

At Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, we specialize in preventative maintenance as well as the removal of squirrels from the home. Our technicians understand how squirrels enter the home and we take steps to prevent this from happening. We have learned that one common area for squirrels to gain access to the home is venting. By using 16 gauge galvanized steel wire over such entry points, the squirrels cannot get inside and your venting can still operate as normal.

Protective measures can be used for wall vent covers, fascia covers, chimneys, soffits and any other opening on your roof or exterior walls to keep squirrels away. The screen will not rust and will be a chew-proof method to keep squirrels at bay.

By staying proactive, you can keep squirrels from entering the home. It can be dangerous for squirrels to be in the home as they can chew through wiring causing an electrical fire. Squirrels can also cause structural damage to the home because they like to chew wood materials.

Let the experts at Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control help you have a squirrel free home by providing preventative maintenance or removal services. Contact our office today to learn more about what type of squirrel services we can provide.

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