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Keep Wild Animals Out of Your Shed This Winter

As you settle into your home this winter, enjoying the company of family and friends and basking in the cozy warmth of your home, the last thing you want to contend with is unwanted animal residents in your shed. Wild animals are notorious for invading sheds during the winter and creating mayhem by damaging the structure itself as well as its contents. This is one of the major reasons people engage in wild animal control services during the winter.

Why Your Home is Attractive to Animals During the Winter

Just like all other living things, wild animals take steps to ensure their survival in the winter season. This includes seeking shelter from the cold and often your shed is the refuge they find. Unfortunately for you, this poses a number of problems. For one, there is a lot of inconveniences as the animal may damage the possessions you have in storage.  In addition, they also produce some very unpleasant smells which can be more than disconcerting when you enter the shed.

Dealing with a Shed Invasion in the Winter

It can be tricky to protect your shed from wildlife when winter is already in progress. Braving the cold is a challenge all on its own. In addition to that, the animals themselves are at risk of exposure to the harsh winter climate when they are removed, especially if a humane approach is not used. When it comes to living a wildlife free winter, your best bet is pre-winter preparation. Having an expert wildlife technician assess your shed and effect repairs to potential entrance points before the deep freeze sets in. Also, as much as is possible, remove or reduce all ‘attractors’ such as food or waste that will draw animals towards your shed.

If the invasion is already in progress the challenge can be overwhelming especially if you take the DIY approach. DIY methods such as the introduction of light and noise aimed at encouraging the animals to leave are less likely to work in the winter than the summer as the animals will be reluctant to venture out into the cold. This becomes even worse in the case of nursing mothers.

Sheds can be difficult to protect as the ground freezes and temperature drops.

The Key to Preventing Winter Shed Invasions

Since your shed is particularly vulnerable to attacks, its defences should also be reinforced before the cold weather arrives. As you prepare your homes to withstand animal invasions each winter, don’t forget to include your shed as well. Remember that animals can migrate from the shed into your home so you want to eliminate that possibility from the outset.

Barrier installations such as buried wire mesh will work well to keep infamous diggers such as skunks and raccoons out of your shed. These animals love to dig under foundations to tunnel into and under your building. When the barrier is installed they meet upon a dead end and have to search for other alternatives. Unfortunately, though, this type of barrier cannot be installed after winter has started as the frozen ground is impossible to work with. This is why it is so important to get this done before winter begins.

Getting Expert Help

If you want to enjoy the winter without worrying about what may be taking place in your shed, you need the aid of expert animal control services like Skedaddle. Skedaddle’s wild animal control experts stand ready to help you achieve a wildlife free winter. If you find yourself facing a shed invasion during the winter we can also offer you the ideal solution which comprises a thorough evaluation and removal process followed by methods that will help to prevent the return of the animals to your shed.

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