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Keeping Raccoons Away From your Home

Whether you live in the city or a rural township, raccoons can wreak havoc on your property. Problems can from creating a mess by tipping over your garbage to damaging your property itself.  The damage can be mitigated by engaging animal control experts for raccoon removal services.

Adjust Your Garbage Disposal Habits

One of the main reasons raccoons frequent your space is to find food. Once they identify evidence that food is there they will come searching- and their searches are quite thorough and aggressive! As they passionately dig and rummage, they make quite a mess and usually damage things as well.

Changing your garbage disposal habits are key. Raccoons are omnivores so they eat just about anything that you do. If you eliminate leftovers from your garbage it will reduce the raccoon appeal of your bin. You can also try to use raccoon proof bins that are more challenging for the animals to get into. Also consider locking your garbage inside the garage, elevating it or taking it to the general collection area promptly instead of keeping it around the yard or home. You should be aware though, that locking garbage or any other raccoon attraction in your garage will encourage the animals to try to get inside. This means the building should be raccoon-proofed to keep them out.

Secure Pet Food

Raccoons are also attracted by pet food. If you have outdoor pets and  feed them outside, consider bringing their leftovers inside as soon as they have finished eating. You should also secure the remainder of their food by storing them inside and elevating them off the floor.

Raccoon-Proof Your Bird Feeders

Raccoons are known to be attracted to bird feeders. To keep them away you can limit their access to bird feeders by elevating them. Some people place them on poles to keep them out of the reach of non-bird animals like raccoons and some even go the extra mile by greasing the pole so that the animals who try to climb up the pole to get to the bird seeds get frustrated and give up. You could also use bird feeders that are raccoon proof as they make it difficult for raccoons to get the bird feed without limiting bird access.

Call the Reinforcements

Raccoons are more adaptable than most wildlife species and as a result, even your best efforts to keep them away from your property may prove unsuccessful. If all this fails, it is time to get the experts to handle your raccoon problems. Skedaddle has a team of wildlife experts who are ready to help you solve your raccoon issues.

Armed with expert knowledge about the behaviour and characteristics of animals such as raccoons, and a wealth of experience in the use of humane wildlife control techniques, our experts will examine your space during a thorough inspection, determine the causes of the raccoon problem and promptly get to work. These wildlife technicians may also suggest and implement exclusion strategies to keep raccoons and other wildlife off your premises. If raccoons have been causing you grief, Skedaddle’s humane animal control service is the raccoon removal solution you need.

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