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Keeping Skunks Out of the Garden

When it comes to starting a garden, homeowners are instantly looking forward to a bountiful harvest. From tomatoes and cucumbers to lettuce and carrots, a garden can be a great way to grow fresh vegetables during the summer months. However, gardens are prime targets for scavengers including skunks. The last animal a homeowner wishes to see in the garden is a skunk. Skunks will not only eat the veggies but can also spray their stinky spray when approached. It is best to avoid these creatures altogether. Learn how to keep skunks out of your garden with these tips below.

Do Not Provide a Food Source

Skunks that venture through neighbourhoods are scrounging for food. It is best to avoid offering them any options for dining. Be sure that your garbage cans are locked tightly so that skunks cannot access any old food. Be sure pet food is put away out of reach as well as bird feeders or compost piles. When you grow a garden, consider adding a low fence in order to keep skunks from gaining access to your crops. Bury the fence at least a foot underground so the skunk cannot dig under the fence to gain access to crops.

Add Motion Lighting

Skunks are nocturnal animals so you will find that if they are raiding your garden, they are coming out at night. To deter a skunk, install motion lighting near the garden so when skunks try to venture closer to the vegetables they are scared away by the bright light.

A baby skunk removed from below a deck

Scare with Smell

While humans are often scared of the skunk smell, skunks are also deterred by certain smells. Citrus, ammonia and even mothballs are smells that can deter the skunk from entering your garden. Citrus will be the most environmentally friendly as well as safe option when pets and small children are present. Place cotton balls soaked in a citrus scent around your garden to try and deter the skunks from visiting your garden.

Skunk Removal

When you need to get rid of skunks, the best thing to do is to contact skunk removal experts. Professional wildlife removal experts know just what to do to remove the skunk from under your steps, deck or shed, which helps you to avoid being sprayed and keeps your vegetables safe. The skunk will be removed in a humane manner and preventative steps taken to ensure the skunks do not come back to your property. Preventing skunks from getting underneath structures on your property involves digging a trench around the perimeter and burying heavy gauge screening in the ground.

With experts on-site, you can let someone else worry about your skunk problem. Rest easy knowing that the skunk will be captured and not bothering your crops or family members.

Buried screening prevents skunks from burrowing below structures on your property

Overall, it is important to leave the removal of skunks to the experts. At Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, we offer quality skunk removal services to ensure that your home is not affected by these pesky creatures. Save your garden as well as your nose from stinky smells by having any skunks removed from your property by our team of professionals.

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