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Kids’ Stuff

Facts & Activities

Print/download Activity Book (4.4 Mb)
Print/download Animal Maze
Join Ricky’s Team! Complete all the activities in the book and print out a certificate to become a Junior Humane Wildlife Control Technician


Did you know?
The bats we find around here are called brown bats. They don’t suck your blood – they prefer to eat insects.
Bat Activities


Did you know?
Raccoons can make more than 50 different sounds. Pretty chatty guys!
Raccoon Activities


Did you know?
Bird droppings can cause a bad disease called histoplasmosis if you breathe it in. Don’t touch bird droppings – it’s bad.
Bird Activities


Did you know?
Skunks can direct their smelly spray up to 4.5 metres away. That means whenever you see a skunk, stay far away from them.
Skunk Activities

Colour and cut out a
neat raccoon mask

Note: print on 4 pieces of paper and tape together


Did you know?
Squirrel nests are very large compared to their body size. They can extend more than a metre in an attic or vent pipe.
Squirrel Activities

Watch for us at community picnics and local events supporting your local SPCA or Humane Society.
Humane Wildlife Control will be giving away cool things like activity books, tattoos, fridge magnets, cookies and animal fact sheets to kids!