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Looking to Buy a New House? Know the Signs of Rodent Infestations

Purchasing a new home is a very fulfilling and exciting experience for many people. But real estate acquisition is also very tedious as a number of factors must be considered. The process can be so complicated and thrilling at the same time that a key issue like an animal infestation is often overlooked. Most new homeowners get hit with the shock of animal presence in their home after they’ve moved in and wind up stuck with the responsibility of engaging animal control services.

The Importance of a Home Inspection

An inspection is usually a staple feature of any home purchase, but an inspection completed by a wildlife expert is just as important. Unwanted animal presence can lead to damage to the building and threaten the health of the residents. A thorough and professional home inspection for animal presence is, therefore, an important element that should not be overlooked. A home inspector will be able to identify the subtle evidence of unwanted animal presence that the untrained eye will usually miss.

Discovering an animal infestation after moving in is a new homeowner’s worst nightmare.  Wild animals cause structural damage to integral parts of a home such as the insulation, electrical wiring and the wooden frame. Their urine encourages rot and mold over time, causing the place to literally fall apart. It can also be quite disconcerting to have to listen to the sounds of little feet scurrying about as you and your family try to settle in bed at night. Then, to make things worse, you have to deal with the diseases they transmit such as Rabies and Leptospirosis. No new homeowner wants to face costly repair bills along with health problems and the costs associated with them as well.

Having a wildlife inspection when buying a home can save you thousands!

Signs of Animal Presence

Pay a visit to the home a few times before making your final decision. Obvious signs of rodent or other animal presence may not be there on the official showing day leading you to believe that all is well. But if you turn up on an unexpected day, you may be able to spot animal droppings here or there, or even get whiff of a not-so-pleasant smell. These signs should indicate to you that you need a professional inspection completed by a trained wildlife expert. You will then be able to address this before you sign off on a deal. In fact, you shouldn’t have to see signs of animal presence to ask for a thorough inspection, so go right ahead and insist that animal infestation is included in the house inspection objectives.

Expert Wildlife Control Services

If the inspection reveals that animals are indeed living in the home, the next step is to ensure that a reputable and effective animal control service provider is called to tackle the issue. Even if the seller is paying for the service, as a buyer, it is in your best interest to check out the quality of the service to ensure that the job is done properly.

If this message reaches you too late and you’re already stuck with a new home that came with unwanted animal tenants, you can rely on the humane and effective animal control services provided by Skedaddle to put your mind at ease. Skedaddle’s wildlife technicians will do a thorough, professional assessment of your home, craft and implement an effective wildlife removal solution and work with you to eliminate the residual effects of wildlife infestation (such as biological deposits that harbour diseases). When Skedaddle is through, you’ll be able to relax and truly enjoy your new home exactly the way you had envisioned.

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