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Knowing the Risks of Hantavirus

If you are like most people, you may not have ever heard of the Hantavirus. This very serious respiratory disease carried by mice can have dire effects on even the most healthy of individuals. When mice are in your home, there are many risks which are not visible to the naked eye and wild animal control organizations like Skedaddle have both the experience and the know-how when it comes to safely removing rodents from homes and ensuring the infected areas are properly sanitized. If you have a problem with rodents on your property and want to learn about the risks of hantavirus, continue reading for more information from the experts.

What is the Hantavirus and What are its Symptoms?

The Hantavirus is a serious respiratory infection that is found in rodents, particularly mice and is often contracted by humans through inhalation. People who are infected will experience headaches, pain in muscles, dizziness, chills, nausea or vomiting. In the worst case scenario, the lungs can fill up with fluid which causes coughing and makes it very difficult to breathe. People often underestimate the symptoms, confusing them for flu symptoms, and aren’t aware of the virus until it progresses and becomes more severe. If the virus is left untreated, it could potentially be fatal.

Clean up from a rodent infestation is just as important than removing the rodents.

How is it Transmitted to Humans?

The virus is transmitted through the urine and droppings that mice leave behind. If the droppings are disturbed or not properly cleaned, the virus becomes airborne, creating the opportunity for an unwitting individual to contract the disease. Even the food mice get a hold of can also be contagious since they can carry hantavirus in their saliva as well. Interestingly, the virus isn’t spread from human to human and mice that have it don’t get sick. It is even possible to contract the disease by touching the rodents droppings or handling their nest. The disease will enter the body through breaks in the skin, from there making its way into a person’s lungs.

What Should You do to Avoid Getting Infected?

First and foremost, do not attempt to remove or clean any possible mouse infestation in your home yourself. Having experts who are properly trained and equipped to handle such situations is always the best and safest option. It is also important to take proper precaution in order to prevent mice from entering your home. You should check your whole property to see if there are any cracks or openings where rodents might be able to squeeze in and enter your house. Avoid leaving your food out in the open and properly dispose of all garbage. The best way to keep them away for good is to let professional wildlife animal control providers like Skedaddle perform a full inspection of your home and install all necessary prevention strategies.

Worried Mice are Already Living in Your Home, Call Skedaddle

If you suspect that your home is suffering from a mouse infestation and want to protect your family from being infected with hantavirus, call the professionals at Skedaddle. Our proven methods of removal and prevention have been assisting homeowners for nearly 30 years. We will also take great care to ensure that your home is properly cleaned and sanitized. Using specialized equipment, our experts will disinfect all areas impacted by the mice. Skedaddle works with the safety of everyone in mind and will stand by our work for years to come. Call us today to help keep your home and family safe from mice.

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