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Link to our Live Robin’s Nest

Link to our Live Robin's NestWe noticed a robin’s nest at the office recently, and decided to set up a web cam to stream the activity.

The birds have grown a lot in the past week, and we’ve frequently seen the mother and the father of the baby robins come and go.
The mother can sometimes be seen chomping on a white, bulbous sac. These sacs are actually droppings from the bottoms of her babies, and she is cleaning up after them as to not contaminate the nest.
You will also notice that the egg shells are nowhere to be found! This is because as soon as the chicks hatch, the mother relocates the egg shells in order to throw any potential predators in the area off the trail of the nest. If there’s any evidence of a nest in plain sight, hawks, squirrels and other natural predators will attack the babies (for food).
Check the web cam often!

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