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Image of a raccoon alongside a plastic jar trash

Ajax Animal Removal: Littering and Wildlife Don’t Mix


People have been sharing this planet with wildlife animals for millions of years and yet still it seems we haven’t found the winning formula to cohabitation. Humans often forget that the wildlife animals on this planet are just as entitled to space and are crucial to our own survival. One of the ways to preserve the natural world is to always engage the services of humane wildlife removal companies when wildlife animals find their way onto your Ajax premises.

The Impact of Human Behaviour on the Planet

Human behaviour has been having a negative impact on the natural world for centuries. Pollution has been widely exposed and explored as a negative spinoff of human activities. Usually, the focus is on the impact of pollution on plant life and the non-living resources such as the landforms and water bodies. The act of tossing waste anywhere at any time creates an unsightly picture but the damage runs much deeper.

How Wildlife Fare in the Presence of Pollution

It is undeniable that the natural environment is impacted negatively when humans discard their waste irresponsibly, but the wildlife animals suffer as well. Wildlife animals lose habitat due to human activities. They also wind up trapped by pieces of garbage that have been carelessly discarded. Sometimes they end up consuming the garbage and suffering as a result.

Wildlife with trash

One of these sad stories is that of a one-year-old squirrel found in Dartmouth apparently distressed. The animal was taken to wildlife experts for professional help and was found to have a piece of plastic around its neck. Thankfully, the animal was freed from the grip of the piece of garbage but things would have taken a turn for the worse if a good Samaritan hadn’t seen the animal, noticed its plight and taken action.

One wildlife expert, Hope Swinimer, director and founder of the Hope for Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, noted that of the ten main reasons they have to intervene to save wildlife animals, garbage-related issues rank in the top five or six. This indicates not only the gravity of the situation but also the fact that people can do much more to change this for the better. For more on Hope for Wildlife visit their website: https://www.hopeforwildlife.net/

How You can help to Save Wildlife From Pollution

By changing our own habits, people can help to protect wildlife animals from the dangers of littering. You can start by disposing of your garbage responsibly.  Garbage that is carelessly tossed away often ends up wrapped around a wildlife animal’s body or worse, inside it. Remember that, unlike us, these animals usually fail to distinguish between edible and inedible items, especially since some of the garbage we toss is quite similar in appearance to wildlife food.

We need to keep our garbage disposal mounds low and prevent them from growing. Recycling will help us to achieve this. For each item that you reuse or recycle, that is one less hazard to impact some poor unsuspecting wildlife animal. Imagine the impact if everyone decided to join the effort?

If people use more biodegradable items and avoid plastics and other materials that either take forever to break down or (as is the case with plastics) are impossible to break down, then less hazardous material will be in the way of wildlife animals.

Paper straws

When wildlife animals intrude in your space, try to remember that they are only doing what they instinctively do to survive; seeking food and shelter. Stay away from harsh and inhumane control methods. Opt for humane wildlife removal services to keep your Ajax property free from wildlife intrusion.

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