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Bird Problems? A Look Into some Humane Bird Exclusion Methods

Every year, homes and businesses become susceptible to damage due to bird infestations. Birds often use a home or business as their living quarters which can lead to costly property damage. On top of that, birds can pose health concerns that can affect those living or visiting the home. Bird droppings, dead birds and nesting sites that are mite infested are all major concerns.

With health risks and property damage at play, home and business owners must learn proper bird control solutions. This will help to avoid any property damage as well as health issues in the future. The best way to do this is to look into bird control methods such as exclusion.

Exclusion Methods to Consider

Birds such as sparrows, starlings, and pigeons are messy and can be quite pesky. Exclusion is the most effective way to control birds. A physical barrier is one option that will prevent birds from roosting comfortably within your property as well as creating nests. There are several methods you can try depending on the exact scenario – every home and business will be different. A professional wildlife technician who specializes in bird control can assist with this process.


After: Birds were roosting and nesting along this ledge. The solution was to install metal flashing at an angle to prevent them from getting an grip.


One option is to use galvanized steel screening. With this method, the screening is secured on wall vents, roof openings or other areas birds are able to shelter themselves. The birds are not able to enter the open areas, so nests cannot be created in the attic space.

Another option is to use exclusion sealant. When applied to crevices and cracks of the property, smaller birds are unable to use these access points to enter attics or soffits. Large gaps can be used as nesting sites. By filling these gaps, you remove possible home sites for birds.

Bird netting can also be installed to stop the creatures from roosting under awnings and overhangs. Birds will gather below the overhangs of a building to find shelter. When bird netting systems are professionally installed, the birds cannot gain access to such areas. Bird netting provides lasting protection from droppings and is very discreet when installed professionally.

Yet another option are bird spikes. Birds will avoid roosting on ledges when bird spikes are installed. The spikes can be placed conspicuously on the home or business to exclude the birds from calling your property home and causing damage with their droppings.

Bird wire installed on a ledge to prevent pigeons from roosting.

Another common exclusion method used is known as bird wire. A taut wire is installed on a flat surface such as the roof to keep birds from landing. The product makes the area uncomfortable for the birds and they will not want to land on your property. The design of the wire is discreet so that the aesthetics of the building are not compromised after installation.

These are just a few examples of bird exclusion methods that can be used in the home or business to prevent the infestation of birds. At Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, we offer these services and more to ensure you are not affected by pesky birds. Avoid health concerns as well as property damage by having our technicians install one of the above methods for you. Contact our office today to learn more about our bird removal and or control options.

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