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How to make your garage less appealing to mice

Garages are spaces that homeowners use to keep their vehicles in top condition as well as to store items that are not used every day, such as sports equipment or holiday décor. While attached garages are quite useful for the homeowner, they are also spaces that mice enjoy. A garage is typically the first-place mice will seek shelter and as the homeowner, you may soon find yourself trying to figure out how you should be removing mice from your home.

When these garage door stairs were pulled away a large pile of stored bird seed and droppings were found

Mice find that garages offer warmth and shelter and are often very easy to enter. If you leave a garage unchecked for some time, you may find that mice have taken over and that mice removal services are needed. Read on to find out why mice are attracted to garages and what you can do to avoid an infestation.

Why Mice Are Attracted to Garages

There are several reasons why mice find themselves moving into a garage. To begin, a garage can provide a warm place to live. As the temperature drops outside, mice have to find a warm place to stay. Your garage is perfect for staying out of the cold. Garages are often cluttered which provides an easy hiding place for mice to build their nests and to stay away from predators. Garages also provide a food source when garbage, bird seed or dog food are kept in this area of your home. Any food items that are kept in the garage are at risk. Mice can easily chew through packaging and eat items you leave in this area of the home, having a natural food source to sustain them.

Chewed door frames allow mice to get into the garage

Sealing the Space

Now that you know why mice love garages, it is time to learn how to seal off this space. You want to find the common entry points and ensure that these areas are sealed so mice cannot come into your home. Garage doors are the main way mice enter the space. Some doors don’t fit tight to the ground and mice can chew through weather stripping to create an entry point. Use a metal guard so that mice cannot chew through thresholds and weather stripping to gain access to your garage.

In some cases it isn’t possible to prevent mice from entering the garage from below the door. In these cases it’s necessary to seal the garage interior against mice entry into the home. Depending on how the garage is finished on the interior there could be many opportunities for mice to the home. Gaps where the drywall meets the foundation, openings around the man door frame or holes made for central vacuums are common mouse entry points from the garage into the house.

Professional Assistance

Once you have noticed mice are in the home, you will need to contact the professionals to clear the mice out and help with preventative maintenance. Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control uses only proven humane methods to remove the mice from your home. As well, they provide prevention services to ensure that your home is not affected in the future by mice infestations. Contact the company today to have your home inspected and a plan of action created to remove the creatures from the garage or another area of your home.

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