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Essential Methods to Avoid a Skunk Attack

The skunk is one of the most recognizable animals living in North America, due to its black and white colouring and strong odor. The species is known to use their odour as a defensive spray that is so strong smelling that predators instantly run away. Skunks commonly try to take up residency in residential areas, such as living under porches or in sheds. This can be a big disaster as your home can be subject to the skunk smell as well as damaged due to digging in the area of the skunk den. When you notice a skunk on your property, it is important to learn how to avoid being sprayed. Below are a few tips to follow for safety and staying smell-free, avoiding a skunk attack!

Heavy gauge screening is used to prevent skunks from digging back below structures.

Be Cautious Walking After Dark

Skunks like to wander at night so going for walks around your property after dark can lead to being sprayed. If you see a skunk while out walking during the nighttime hours, change direction and avoid walking in the path of the creature.

It’s not uncommon to see skunks out during the day during spring and summer.

Find the Den

If you have noticed a skunk on your property, it is important to find the location of the den. Skunks usually create a den under decks, concrete pads or sheds. Even rock crevices, wood piles and culverts are common spots for skunks to live. Watch your property to see if you can determine where the skunk is traveling. Evidence of a den will include droppings from the skunk, hair, skunk tracks or a musky smell. Be careful in your search as skunks get defensive rather quickly and can spray without a moment’s notice.

Spraying Signals

If you are on the hunt for a skunk on your property, be sure to learn spraying signals. A skunk that is startled will be ready to spray by raising the tail. The skunk will stand on its hind legs and then pound the front legs towards the ground. If you find a skunk and it is acting in this manner, back away quietly and slowly so that you can get away without being sprayed.

Seek Professional Removal

If you have a skunk on your property, contact professional wildlife services for removal assistance. Skunk removal services will provide you with professional assistance in removing the skunk in a humane way from your property. Experts in skunk removal know how to approach the skunk and avoid being sprayed. Humane methods are used to remove skunks from their home.

Once removed, the den area will need to be cleaned and sealed off. Areas such as decks and porches will need to be sealed with heavy gauge screening to ensure that skunks or other creatures cannot claim the old den. The screening needs to be placed deep into the ground as skunks like to dig. By placing screening in the ground, then skunks and other wildlife do not have the ability to gain access even with digging.

When you need help with skunk removal, contact our experts at Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. Our experts are trained in removal methods to ensure that your home is skunk-free!

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