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Mice In The Home? Call The Experts At Skedaddle For Removal

When it comes to unwanted guests in people’s homes and on their properties, wildlife is certainly at the top of the list. Mice, along with many other animals and insects, try to escape cold weather by seeking shelter and warmth. Often enough, people’s homes provide plenty of both, not to mention food sources. All in all, if you’re suffering from a mice infestation, you’re going to need professional mice removal services.

Small holes in attic insulation are evidence of mouse tunneling

Small holes in attic insulation are evidence of mouse tunneling

Why Is Removing Mice From My Home Necessary?

Well, here are just a couple of reasons why:

  • They cause a lot of damage
  • They reproduce incredibly fast
  • They contaminate much more food than they consume
  • They pose a serious health hazard

Mice Removal Is Required Because They Cause Damage

Removing mice from your home is extremely urgent because even a couple of mice can do tons of damage. For example, just two mice in your home can eat four pounds of food and produce 18,000 droppings in as short as six months. Mice have also been known to destroy fiberglass batt insulation and rigid foam. They can also cause an electrical fire or damage appliances by chewing through electrical wires. Additionally, they are capable of gnawing through any wood in your home such as doors, cabinets, trim, furniture and even your home’s structure.

Mouse chewing on garage door weather stripping

Mouse chewing on garage door weather stripping

Mice Reproduce At Stunning Rates

You’ve probably heard of this fact before, but let’s put it into context. Did you know that one female mouse can have between five and ten litters of mice a year? Also, did you know that each of those litters produces about five or six mice? And to top that off, the newborn mice are ready to reproduce after only 21 days. So, what you’re looking at is simple math: six mice easily turn into sixty in as little as three months. In other words, if you’ve found one mouse in your home, there are definitely more.

Removing Mice From Homes Is Also Urgent Because They Eat And Contaminate Lots Of Food

When talking about numbers, the risk of contamination that comes with having mice in your home is astounding. The more there are of them, the more food they eat. However, that’s not nearly as disturbing as the fact that they contaminate about 10 times more food than they consume by getting into pantries and cupboards. But, it doesn’t end there. In addition to causing such damage to food, they also contaminate surfaces in your home with urine and saliva.

Mice Pose A Serious Health Hazard

They are known to carry parasites, viruses, bacteria, and diseases. You can get sick from simply inhaling small particles from their nesting materials, saliva, urine or droppings. The particles easily get into the air as a result of vacuuming or sweeping around the house. If you suspect you have mice in your home, it is best to wear a disposable mask and gloves when doing housework. Also, you’ll want to use a disinfectant to spray any area of suspected mice activity.

Because of all of this, you should not attempt to remove mice from your home by yourself. You could cause an even bigger problem. Instead, contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control and let trained professionals remove, sanitize, clean and protect your home against future intrusions. Rest assured that this is the safest, most humane and quickest option to restore control over your home. Contact Skedaddle today and take advantage of their expertise.

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