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New Animal Control Bylaw Sets No Limits to Number of Bird Feeders: How will this End Squirrel Invasion?

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In Mississauga, Ontario, the intrusion of urban wildlife has become such a huge problem. Chris Clay of Mississauga News reports that the city’s municipal staff eventually proposed setting a limit to the number of bird feeders local residents may install, a proposal that has drawn widespread criticism. In fact, some media outfits argue that this move may turn Mississauga into a “nanny state.” Meanwhile, local residents will need to take proactive measures—such as calling in animal control personnel when necessary—before their homes teem with uninvited urban wildlife.

Bird feeders are outdoor facilities that avid bird-watchers use to supply food to wild birds. Putting a couple of feeders in your backyard can provide hours of fun as you observe various bird species visit your premises to enjoy some easy treats. Unfortunately, bird feeders are notorious for attracting more than birds. Various types of bird food such as black oil sunflower seeds, nuts, and suet can attract a pack of squirrels to the point that you may need to call wildlife removal specialists.

Ultimately, while the amended bylaws didn’t limit the number of feeders, they did come with a number of provisions. Clay adds that the new bylaws dictate that bird feeders must be hung above ground to deny access to squirrels and other animals that might be inclined to pilfer food. Bird feeding practices that attract domesticated homing birds are also forbidden. Homeowners are also required to sweep away spilled seeds on the ground so as not to attract animals.

Even with the above bylaws in place, there’s still no guarantee that everyone will follow suit. So if you see anyone breaking these rules, you can report them to the proper authorities. Violators will then be educated on proper bird feeding practices as a precautionary measure. If you have a bird feeder in your backyard, it’s simply a matter of following the bylaws and making sure that the feeders are sturdy enough so as not to create a mess that can attract wildlife or even vermin from surrounding areas.

In the event that visiting wildlife has decided to become a permanent fixture, and a nuisance in your home, then you might need to call in reputable Mississauga animal control companies like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control without further delay. Animal control professionals are adept at carrying out safe and humane removal methods, and identify possible entry points in your home that need to sealed. This way, you can enjoy the endemic fauna without having to share your private living space with these creatures.

At any rate, it would appear that these new bylaws have appeased some Mississauga residents. Notwithstanding the adverse reactions to the proposal to limit the number of feeders residents can use, it seems that the city is headed in the right direction as regards the issue of wildlife control.

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