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No one’s favourite critter: skunks in Ontario

When the word skunk comes to mind, most people think instantly of the black and white creature and its stinky smell. The skunk is a familiar creature to residents in Ontario as the animal is commonly seen in neighbourhood yards and gardens. As a homeowner in the region, it is important to learn how to get rid of skunks as well as prevent them from coming near your home. Learn more about skunks below and what you can do to have them removed from your neighbourhood.

A skunk in a crawlspace

More About Skunks

First, you must understand the creature. The black and white animal is a mammal that is known for its ability to excrete a strong and very foul odor. The creature is an omnivore and will eat most anything that is around them from discarded human food, insects and grubs to nuts and berries. Skunks have been known to forage in the garbage cans of neighbourhoods, so it is essential that you keep containers closed so skunks do not have access to a free food source!

A litter of baby skunks removed from a back patio

Skunks are more active at dusk as well as dawn and can be seen checking garbage cans or nosing around homes during these times. An adult skunk can be as large as 36 inches long and weigh as much as a cat. If you see the creature near your home, you will have no trouble recognizing the animal due to its familiar look. You may also know that a skunk is nearby as you smell the offensive odor the animal secretes when they feel threatened.

In Your Home

Skunks living in your neighbourhood may decide to claim your home as their own. Skunks tend to create dens below sheds, decks, floating additions and  porches. Skunks like to dig so they will burrow underneath such areas and create a space for themselves as well as their family. Once you know that a skunk is living on your property, you need to consult with the experts. Trying to catch a skunk yourself can result in you being sprayed which leads to a stinky smell that is pretty difficult to get rid of.

With specialized hands-on removal techniques, the skunks will be removed from your home and you will be able to enjoy a skunk free space. The adult skunks are gently lured from the home and then any baby skunks are placed in a heated box so they can be reunited with their mother in the future. To prevent re-entry the technicians must then dig around the perimeter of the structure and bury heavy gauge screening in the ground. This keeps skunks out for good.

The process is tedious and expert knowledge is needed in order to be successful. Once the skunks are removed, the area where the creatures were living will need to be cleaned and cleared. Contaminated materials will need to be removed so that serious health risks are avoided.

At Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, we can help you take care of a skunk infestation. Let our experts review your home and find out where the skunks are living and have them removed. You can then enjoy a skunk free home and time outdoors without the fear of being sprayed!

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