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Ontario Laws Preventing the Killing of Bats


Bats are crucial for the preservation of the ecosystem on which we all rely. It, therefore, goes without saying that they need to be protected. Ontario has several laws that govern how people treat bats. It is important to be aware of these regulations when attempting bat exclusion or other bat control strategies.

The Function of Bats in Our World


The insects many of us detest make up a large part of the diet of Ontario’s bats. In addition, these flying mammals are crucial in the sowing of seeds that help to maintain the greenery around us. It is easy to get caught up in the desire to apply an immediate fix when faced with bats inside but you should really consider that quick fixes usually lead to DIY bat control methods that not only defy regulations but also endanger the bat’s lives.

Challenges Being Faced by Ontario’s Bats


Canada’s bats are facing a number of challenges that make their survival difficult. One such challenge is White-nose syndrome, a deadly disease that affects bats, especially during hibernation. The deadly disease is easily spread among the bats as they hibernate in colonies. The disease has seriously depleted the population of many bat species in North America including Canada. Human activity has also negatively impacted the bat populations of Ontario. In fact, in Ontario, The Little Brown Bat, the
Northern Myotis and the Tricoloured bats are all officially considered endangered.

Ontario’s Law on Bat Treatment


The animal control laws in Ontario are designed to ensure that the species are saved from further depletion and given a chance to recover. These laws prohibit all activities that result in harm to bats or results in barriers to procreation.

Killing a bat that has encroached on your property should never cross your mind. Not only is it illegal based on Ontario law, but it is simply cruel especially when you consider that the poor animal is simply trying to survive. Ontario is home to eight bat species and many are listed on the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act which prohibits the killing of these animals. This means that any action that results in the death of a bat can result in the perpetrator being persecuted under the law. This is an important point to consider since many of the methods that people employ to try to get rid of bats results in the mammals dying.

Bat removal is governed by Ontario regulations as the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act also prohibit the trapping and hunting of these species. Since many people who try to remove bats themselves will first try to trap them, this places them in direct conflict with the law. Additionally, it is illegal in Ontario to remove bats in bad weather, mid-winter and as well as during mating or nursing seasons.

Unwanted Bats in Your Space? What You Should Do


If you encounter bats in your home, don’t panic. Try to remain as calm as you can. Getting hysterical may make the situation worse as it could cause the bat to panic as well. Instead, you should get in touch with a humane wildlife control and removal service such as Skedaddle. Ontario’s animal control experts are familiar with bat behaviour and biology and can use our training and experience to ensure that your space is bat free. We are also very familiar with regulations governing how Ontario’s bats are treated so you can rest assured that the bat exclusion and control techniques we employ are not only safe and humane but also legal.

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