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Animal Control Oshawa: What Mice Don’t Want you to Know


Mice have been living among humans from the ancient times and they have proved to be quite resilient. For many years domestic residences have been plagued by mice and the struggle continues to modern times as people try to find ways to ensure that their spaces remain rodent free. Slowly but surely, people are learning the secrets of mice resilience and finding ways to counter them.  If mice had their way through, there would be some things that would remain outside of the scope of human knowledge. We will explore some of these keys to successful mice prevention today. You may want to keep them in mind as you seek effective animal control strategies for your Oshawa home.

The Mouse Appeal


Where there is one mouse, there will soon be many.  They wouldn’t want you to know this but mice follow each other through an intricate system of scents. When a mouse squeezes into your building it leaves pheromones that attract other mice to the space. The more mice that squeeze through, the more powerful the scent becomes which means it attracts even more mice. It’s kind of like an open invitation to the whole species that accumulates over time. It is also one of the reasons a mouse intrusion can get out of hand so quickly.

Super Rodents


Mice don’t want you to know about their superpower- the ability to get through the smallest spaces. A mouse can squeeze its body through a space that is as small as a dime. Because of this it is important to be vigilant in detecting and repairing tiny cracks that appear as a result of wear and tear.  In addition to that superpower, mice are also endowed with powerful chewing power. Their flexibility is limited though. Essentially, once they fit their head through space they can wriggle the remainder of their body in. They can chew through many types of material which means that over time, they can chew their way into buildings. All they need to do is identify an already weakened point and get to work.

Mice are Super Eaters


Mice eat just about anything! That’s right… their diet isn’t limited to cheese despite what the popular cartoons may lead you to think. Pretty much any food item that you leave out will attract mice as they are avid consumers of a wide range of fruits, meats, and vegetables. The best way to avoid inadvertently feeding them is to keep every single morsel of edible items out of their way.

The Pet that Repels Mice  


The sound and smell of a cat are enough to keep mice at a distance. Since they are genetically wired to avoid their natural predators, mice will stay away from spaces in which they can detect feline presence. Naturally, therefore, the sight of a cat is certain to send a mouse fleeing. However a cat is not a solution to a mouse problem as mice can still find safe hiding places in your home where the cat won’t find them.

Skedaddle : The Mice Kryptonite


Skedaddle is an effective and solid threat to mice. They don’t want you to know that when Skedaddle’s Humane Wildlife Control team is on the scene, mice have no choice but to leave. If mice could talk they would encourage you to stay away from Skedaddle. In fact, they’d probably cut the telephone wires before you get the call out!


Mice are bound to panic at the sight of a Skedaddle technician at your door. They may scamper away and try to hide in the deepest darkest most hard to reach crevices, but Skedaddle’s technicians are not just determined, they are also well schooled in the ways of mice. So while we understand the urge that mice may have to evade us the smart thing for mice to do would be to just prepare for their inevitable departure.  Since they are such powerful rodent kryptonite, Skedaddle is the perfect animal control team for your Oshawa property.

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