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Did you know?

The bats we find around here are called brown bats. They don’t suck your blood – they prefer to eat insects.

Bat Activities


Did you know?

Raccoons can make more than 50 different sounds. Pretty chatty guys!

Raccoon Activities


Did you know?

Bird poop can cause a bad disease called histoplasmosis if you breathe it in. Don’t touch bird poop – it’s bad.

Bird Activities


Did you know?

Skunks can direct their smelly spray up to 4.5 metres away. That means whenever you see a skunk, stay far away from them.

Skunk Activities

Colour and cut out a
neat raccoon mask


Did you know?

Squirrel nests are very large compared to their body size. They can extend more than a metre in an attic or vent pipe.

Squirrel Activities

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