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Part 1: Bat Trivia For Milwaukee Homeowners

Bats are nocturnal, flying mammals that are typically considered spooky and mysterious. You’ve probably heard countless myths involving these critters as told by popular culture and the media. But, bats are actually one of the most useful mammals in any ecosystem and play a vital role in controlling insect populations in the summertime. Bats can also pose problems for many homeowners in the Northeast and especially those residing in Milwaukee. So, if you’ve had to hire a bat removal company in Milwaukee before, you know what we’re talking about.

Interesting Bat Facts & Trivia

Bats are both useful and problematic at the same time. Knowing more about them may prove useful should you have any additional bat invasion problems in the future, not to mention they are fascinating creatures. Here are some interesting and factual trivia about these nocturnal critters:

  • There are thousands of species of bats worldwide
  • Bats live very long lives
  • Bats have super-sensitive hearing
  • Bats help humans by performing insect control
  • Many bats in the U.S. are endangered

Bat Species Around the World

Bats actually make up a quarter of all mammals present across the globe and you’ll find a total of 1,100 species of bats worldwide. Additionally, the United States alone is home to around 40 bat species, many of which you’ve probably seen or had close contact with in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

Bats often make their home inside attics where they find protection from predators and stable temperatures.

Bat Longevity

When it comes to bat statistics, these winged animals rack up some pretty impressive numbers. For example, some species of bats have been known to live for more than three decades. That’s much longer than a number of other mammals. An equally impressive fact about bats is that they can easily fly at speeds that exceed 60 miles per hour, making them incredibly fast in the air.

Bat Senses

Bats are believed to be among the few mammal species in the world who are able to seek out and accurately find food in total darkness. The way they accomplish such an impressive feat is by emitting inaudible high-pitched sounds. They emit them at a rate of between 10 and 20 beeps per second and then use their super-sensitive hearing to listen to echoes. This results in an unmistakable mechanism that allows them to locate insects with pinpoint accuracy in absolute darkness.

Bats are Helpful to Humans

Insects are food for bats. An adult bat can eat up to 1,200 mosquitoes in an hour and will frequently eat as much as their own body weight in insects in a single night! This helps humans greatly as it keeps insect populations in check across various ecosystems. But, some bat species will also eat nectar or fruit and play an important role as pollinators as a result.

Many U.S. Bats are Endangered

While the U.S. is home to more than 40 different species of bats, unfortunately more than half of them are either listed as endangered or are in severe decline. The biggest reasons for this are the loss of natural habitat in combination with a disease that has decimated bats across North America called White Nose Syndrome. Efforts are well under way to find a cure for this disease and luckily there has been significant progress.

Bat droppings can be harmful if disturbed and inhaled during clean up. Proper safety precautions should always be taken.

Faced With a Bat Problem? Get in Touch With Skedaddle

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control has been in the business of removing wildlife species from residential, commercial and industrial areas for more than two decades. Over 200,000 homeowners have already experienced the first-class reliability and effectiveness of Skedaddle wildlife control services. What sets Skedaddle apart from the competition is the fact that the company focuses on a humane approach when taking care of removal. If you’re looking for the best and most humane bat removal company in Milwaukee, look no further than Skedaddle. Get in touch with their team today and take care of your bat problem once and for all.

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