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Peek inside a skunk’s nest

Night walks are sometimes interrupted by smelly visitors. Skunks can come out of nowhere. Nobody wants to have a run-in. They might spray you. Even worse they may have built a den close to your home.

Dens are typically found underground

Although some skunks will dig new dens, most live in abandoned sites of other animals. Underground dens are used all year for daytime use, birthing and raising young. In the wild, skunks will often build their home in rock crevices, culverts or fallen hollow trees. But, skunks can also build dens on your property under decks, sheds, porches, steps or patios. They might have one den or a series of different sites they rotate through.

During the spring dens are used to house babies becoming independent within two and a half months. Litters generally range from 2 to 12 kits. At this point the den becomes quite full. In the winter there can be multiple females and one male living in a single den. This is to keep warm during colder temperatures. Primarily they will commit to a single home during this time.

But, striped skunks don’t exactly hibernate

When it’s freezing they save most their energy by lowering body temperature from 38 °C to 32 °C. Although skunks will periodically leave the den to search for food, during this time it depends on fat reserves. Also, they will plug the entrance with leaves and grass to insulate the den. When it emerges in the spring they will have lost 50% of its body weight.

What to do if you find a skunk.

  • Don’t corner agitated skunks. Give them space.
  • Watch for spraying signs like raised tail or pounding feet.
  • Avoid being too loud. They might deem you as a threat.
  • Slowly move away. They have poor eyesight. Get out of their vision.

Hamilton skunk removal services.

If you believe there’s skunks living under your deck, patio or shed contact a professional. Getting sprayed isn’t fun.

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control will come and safely remove any skunks from structures on your property and prevent them from re-entering by installing a heavy gauge steel barrier.

Call us today to remove skunks from your property. 1-877-592-0387.

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