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Pesticides, Health, and Why You Should Opt for Humane Wildlife Control

When you’ve got a raccoon or some other animal scurrying around your home in Rexdale the first thing on your mind is removal right? It is true that many of us never give a second thought to the how or why of wildlife animal control but we should. Wildlife have a right to the opportunity to survive and the reality is that if we do not make attempts to secure their survival we could face adverse effects later on. By using humane wildlife prevention Rexdale residents can reduce or eliminate wildlife nuisance with limited negative impact on the natural order of things.

Pesticides, Potent and Potentially Deadly

In a desperate bid to rid their homes of wildlife animals like raccoons, many people resort to the use of pesticides. Pesticides are designed to reduce the presence of pests. They are popularly used by farmers to protect their crops from insects that feed on them. But as they seep into the earth, pesticides are known to also damage the soil and pollute water bodies. This is why Canada has enacted legislation to regulate the use of pesticides.

Pesticides in DIY Wildlife Animal Control

One of the potential errors people make in using pesticides as a part of a DIY attempt to control wildlife presence on their  property is failing to match the right product with the wildlife species being targeted. One common mistake is the use of rodenticides that are created for rats and mice to deal with raccoon invasions.

Killing wildlife with pesticides only encourages more and new animals to show up.

Why the Humane Approach is Best

The humane approach to wildlife animal control involves strategies that contain animals without putting them in danger.  This approach also minimizes the exposure to harmful chemicals faced by pets and human inhabitants of the house. Using this approach also eliminates the potential for prosecution for wildlife protection regulations breaches.

If you are able to keep wildlife out of your residential space, the risk of property damage (usually a given after they have foraged and lived in your space for a while) is avoided and so is the risk of you or your pet contracting a dangerous illness.

Skedaddle has the ideal humane wildlife prevention plan for your Rexdale property.  We start off with a thorough evaluation of the property to find all the breach points from which wild animals such as raccoons may enter along with the features of the home that may attract wildlife. A customized plan is then crafted for that specific property. This plan usually involves a combination of humane barrier technology and changes in lifestyle practices (such as garbage disposal) to ensure that your Rexdale home remains wildlife free.

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